Fearing for Sarah Pallin

Oprah,Madonna,Sarah Bernhardt, Bill Maher, Joy Behar, And Alec Baldwin have publicly proclaimed there love and support for Obama. They believe he his Jesus Christ and have robbed Jesus of his title “The Messiah” Louis Pharacon also announced he is the real one and only “Messiah” Christians know who the real Messiah is. Obama followers are now living in the veil of deceit they know not what they are doing.It is not enough to follow there Messiah Obama in the process they must destroy Sarah Pallin. Constantly demonstrating intensive hatred for her and her loved ones. From the most recent comment such as “black men in New York will gang bang and rape Sarah to death” They also for the sake of there Messiah Obama went as far as to make fun of her precious newborn claiming she should have aborted him with his disability he does not add value to society.This is where my fear begins, on such a hate campaign towards Sarah Pallin I fear that her life is in danger and the lives of her loved ones. The Obama flowerer’s don’t seem to be satisfied with just not agreeing with her politics, they seek to destroy her and anyone in her path that she represents or represents her. I plead for all who love God and country who read this will pray with conviction for the safety of Sarah Pallin and her family. My real fear is they will plot to assassinate her, The average American family with a strong sense of family values is under attack right now my by the left wing media and Hollywood. I beg all Americans to hang on tightly to what we know if right, Family values and love of our country. If Obama Oprah’s Messiah wins the breakdown of the American family will begin. We need an ALERT Sarah Pallin is now the biggest enemy to the angry Liberal Democrats. I fear for her and this country. Let pray for the safety of Sarah and preservation of our beloved country.