Trump is the GOP nominee the Progressive/P.C. Movement Is Dreaming Of

There are lots of stupid reasons to support Donald Trump. Many of his supporters, for example, still parrot the ridiculous and thoroughly discredited position that Trump, a deal-making, liberal-leaning, glad-handing elitist who has the inside-the-Beltway clique now wholly in his corner, is somehow anti-Establishment.

Many of his supporters claim that they flock to Donald Trump because “isn’t P.C.,” and “stands up to the P.C. culture.” For five months, since announcing that he was “so tired of this politically correct crap,” Trump has pretended that his campaign represents a counterstrike against the liberal P.C. culture that has taken root in the United States. His supporters have gobbled up his rhetoric, and cite it as a major reason for their support of The Donald. Trump has used his campaign against political correctness as armor to brush off criticisms of his statements about Mexican rapists, and about women, much to the delight of his supporters. Of course, as with everyone else Donald Trump, this is purposefully crafted, entirely artificial image designed to win votes, and he will happily toss it aside if he wins the nomination. But, the specter of Trump openly laughing at his supporters behind their backs is nothing new, and as his supporters don’t seem to have much interest in the truth about America’s newest totalitarian demagogue, it is also beside the point. Trump supporters don’t seem to care whether he believes his own rhetoric or not. But, if they are supporting him because he fights the P.C. culture, they should care about one thing: the fact that, if Donald Trump is the nominee, it will be the greatest victory that the P.C./SJW crowd has ever won. A vote for Trump is a vote FOR P.C. culture, not against it.

Let me fist say that I am not, and could not, defend the extremes of political correctness that have sprouted up around our culture like a weed. Of course it goes without saying that political correctness in this country has not only run amok, but has run rampant to the point where it has become almost a religion to some. Tragically, we have let political correctness invade each and every area of American society to the point where wearing the wrong shirt can mean immediate and terrible backlash, or where refusing to bake a cake on religious grounds can mean crippling civil penalties. If anything is offensive to anyone, no matter how innocuous, it must be removed. And not just tangible things; opinions, too, are subject to the tyranny of political correctness, especially if they are political opinions—after all, nothing upsetting can be allowed to “trigger” the “safe spaces” of American progressives. Sometimes it seems that even basic and totally neutral aspects of the English language must be swept away in the name of political correctness.

And if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for President, it will get much, much worse. Donald Trump is the candidate that social justice warriors dream about.

Let me explain.

The P.C./SJW crowd really has only one weapon, and that is fear. More specifically, fear of being labeled a bigot. They wield accusations of racism, of sexism, of Eurocentrism (this being a ridiculous and recent addition to their arsenal) in the hopes that most Americans, despite finding the excesses of political correctness silly, will be too cowed by the fear of being given a scarlet “R” to do anything about it or to argue against it. Unfortunately, it often works, as many a conservative student will tell you.

This, of course, is why progressives have long tried to brand Republicans, and conservatism as a movement, as inherently racist. They gleefully imagine a future where they have succeeding in making that baseless association stick in the minds of those outside the progressive left; they dream of a future where identifying as a Republican will be something Americans are afraid or ashamed to do.

This hasn’t worked, thankfully.  It hasn’t worked, mostly, because conservatism and racism stand in strong opposition to one another. First, one cannot be a conservative and also be an institutional racist—institutional racism needs an expensive, intrusive, centralized government to enforce that institutional racism, after all. Second, one cannot have a Judeo-Christian faith and be a racist— Jews and Christians are taught to love their fellow man. Third, unlike liberalism with its poverty pimps, conservatives truly do wish to lift all people out of poverty, and to ensure that all people have access to education; poverty and ignorance are the tools of the racist’s trade, and conservatives wish to eliminate them.

Enter Donald Trump.

He is the candidate the P.C. crowd and the SJW’s have long waited for, because he is the candidate that will let them, finally and at long last, permanently tie the albatross of bigotry around the neck of the GOP in a way that [b]will[/b] stick to the minds of those outside the dark corners where progressives lurk. This is because Donald Trump is indeed running a racist campaign. The racist overtones of his campaign run, astoundingly, far deeper than casually suggesting a racial slur (which he has done) or  pandering to the sexual insecurities of White Nationalists when it comes to Mexicans, or dog-whistling to anti-Semites.

Trump’s pandering and dog-whistling has worked. If you have an inclination to visit the bowels of the internet and gaze upon the human excrement that reside there, venture to any White Supremacist website or message board. They are all ecstatic for Donald Trump and for his candidacy. His candidacy even spawned a hastash whose roots lie firmly in the White Supremacy movement, and his supporters have both embraced it and wielded it as a weapon. When his supporters get mad at the RedState frontpagers, they go to the White Power well. Trump welcomes the endorsement of politicians who have dabbled in racism themselves. If this was as far as it went– pandering and dog-whistling– it would be despicable, disgusting, and opportunistic. Trump was already those things. But, no, pandering and dog-whistling are not as far as it has gone.

Donald Trump has gone even further—he has embraced the support of White Supremacists. When White Supremacists campaigned for him in Iowa, he did not condemn them or their ideology. When a White Supremacist tweets at him, Donald Trump retweets him. When a Neo-Nazi publication endorsed him (no, I won’t link to the Daily Stormer), he did not reject the endorsement or call out the endorsers for their despicable beliefs.

The P.C. folks, and the social justice warriors, and the progressives, will beat their chests and point their fingers and exclaim “there is the proof we’ve been waiting for!” Finally, they will say to the American people, the Republican Party has outed itself. Finally, they will say amongst themselves, all their years of fear–mongering about the GOP have paid off. And what could we say back? How can we, as Republicans, effectively communicate our message to the American people if our standard-bearer has won his victory on the backs of Neo-Nazis? How can we, as Republicans, challenge the poverty pimps and race-baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, if our standard-bearer welcomes the endorsement of White Supremacists?

I wrote a few days ago about how a victory for Donald Trump would be a serious, and perhaps fatal, blow to the conservative movement. But a Trump victory would also be a serious, perhaps fatal blow to the Republican Party. For if Donald Trump is our nominee, the media spotlight which now shines on him with a mix of bemusement and confusion will turn cold and it will turn angry, as it always does against any Republican. But in this case, the spotlight that the media shines on the racist undertones of his campaign, and on the explicit racism of many of his supporters, will be justified, and it will cling to our Party and our brand for a generation.

The P.C./SJW crowd wields the fear of being labeled a racist as a weapon, so that they can force certain symbols, ideas, and beliefs from the public square by making association with them a social death sentence. Imagine what will happen if, because of Donald Trump, the 2016 media cycle is dominated by recordings of White Supremacists robocalls for the GOP nominee, of Neo-Nazis endorsing the GOP nominee, of clips of supporters yelling “White Power,” and cartoons of Jewish politicians in ovens. And, believe me, the media will ensure that such things do dominate the media cycles and the White Supremacists, seeing their chosen candidate as the Republican standard-bearer, will give them plenty of new fodder to work with. If Trump is the nominee, it will no longer be Trump and his Trumpettes are who stained by his vileness. It will be the entire Republican Party.

Yesterday, RedState asked where the “Regular Republicans” will go in this primary season. If Trump is the nominee, we must ask ourselves, where will they go in the General Election? Where will they go in future elections, after six months of the media running pictures of the GOP logo next to a swastika? Where will they go after six months of coverage on the White Supremacists who are standing tall and proud for the GOP nominee? They will go the same place that many Americans will go—far away from us.

If Trump is the nominee, he will do what the social justice warriors, and the political correctness gestapo, have tried but failed to do—he will make people ashamed to be Republicans. The dream of the progressives—that, out of fear that they will be labeled racists, voters turn away from us—will be realized. He will ensure that our brand is venomous; he will ensure, when we are charged with being racists and hate-mongers, that this time the charge will stick.