"Upon buying your ticket, you gave up a lot of rights."

“Resistance if futile” the Borg agent told John “Don’t touch my Junk” Tyner of San Diego. “Upon buying your airline ticket, you gave up your rights and you will be assimilated.” American’s every where across this country are being assimilated by the Borg, we call the TSA, in order for them to fly off to visit loved ones across the land.

  • We’ve all seen little Mandy Simon, a cute little three year old, sobbing and screaming as the Borg operative patted her down for explosives.
  • We’ve heard the horrendous story of the retired Special Education Teacher humiliated when the Borg Agent broke the seal of his urinary bag and left him to soak in his urine.
  • A woman surviving Breast Cancer has the Borg searching her prosthetic breasts.
  • A young girl traveling without her parents is subject to the Borg’s nude screening device and a young boy is strip searched by the Borg as he goes through the security check.

Was it not just four years ago that our progressive friends were up in arms over the possibility that our Government was listening in on our phone calls and reading our emails?  We had Senator Jay Rockefeller ‘urge’ the intelligence panel to ‘immediately start an investigation of the wiretapping”.  They are violating the Law!  Dana Milbank in an article back in 2006 wrote “Has President Bush, invoking his “inherent powers” under the Constitution, also authorized warrantless eavesdropping on domestic calls, opening of Americans’ mail and e-mail, and searches of their homes and offices?”  Even President Obama campaigned on the promise that “Americans will be able to leave behind the era of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and “wiretaps without warrants.”

So, as far as the left is concerned listening is bad, groping is good.  Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) calls them ‘Love Pats’. Senator Jay Rockefeller praised the TSA official “I Think You’re Doing A Terrific Job!” President Obama just simply thinks its an “inconvenience”, and what about Dana Milbank of the Washington Post?  He was so adamant that our rights need to be protected from the overreaching of Government when it came to wiretapping. Surely he must be livid with these new security measures.  Right?  Wrong. “This may be the post-post-9/11 era, but Pistole, a career FBI guy, is still interested in the security of the American people. Are Republicans?”

Lest we forget that this latest Borg treatment did not start with the latest terrorist plot with the undie bomber.  First it was sharp objects, then shoes and then liquids.  In each case the terrorist adapted to the Borg measures of Homeland Security.  What is next?  Will a Proctologist be assigned to each airport for additional ‘security’ measures?