Is Congressman Peters into Censorship?

Liberals have been touting for years of a plan to bring “Diversity” to the media by a means of another “Fairness Doctrine.”  Except, their plan is to allow only those opinions in which they happen to agree with.  We found this to be true when Stanely Kurtz of National Review Online appeared in the WGN Studios, Chicago in August of 2008.

Here in Oakland County we have a race between a Conservative Candidate, Rocky Raczkowski and a Pelosi Rubber Stamp, Gary Peters.  During his freshman years of Congress, Congressman Gary Peters held only one Townhall (in which he bussed in his supporters) and ignored the plea’s of his constituents to vote against the Health Bill & Cap and Trade. During the 2008 campaign Gary Peters had ran as a fiscal conservative and won the election by a large margin. Since he had been in office, every vote leaned to higher spending, resulting a huge deficit and impositions on small businesses with additional regulations.

In this new age of online networking abilities during campaigns, the campaigns are now utilizing the new medium of Facebook in order to communicate openly with their constituents.  Except, this only works when a candidate wants to hear what it is that you have to say.  Several of my ‘friends’ have been blocked or their postings deleted by the Peters Campaign in order to shut down their voices.   There was never any proof of this censorship happening until now.

The Original Thread

I had a valid question.  A poster had asked a question and the Peters campaign completely deleted her posting.  Was it something that Peters censored because it didn’t meet with his expressed opinion?   Well, it didn’t get any better after that. The Peters campaign not only deleted a posting, they deleted the whole darn thread.  Wow!

Killing a whole Thread

Needless to say, the Peters camp saw the error of their ways and reinstated the complete thread after I had screenshot the page three times and called foul on their censorship of posts.

The elections on November 2nd are far more crucial now than they have ever been. When you are voted into Congress you must listen and respect the opinions of all your constituents and not just those that fit into your narrow beliefs.  For this election I urge all Michigan 9th Congressional district to vote for Rocky Raczkowski for Congress. Vote for a person that will listen to you and discuss your concerns and not brush off your opinions as ‘extremist views.’