Congressman Peters to Unvaluable to Win

Congressman Peters is far from being ‘too valuable to lose”.  A person of value offers solutions to a problem and control is not considered a solution, at least not in a free nation.

Controlling 1/6 of this nation’s economy is not a solution but a problem.  Instead of working across the aisle to determine the root cause of healthcare cost, a bill was rammed through forcing citizens to purchase a service whether they wanted it or not.  The “solution” didn’t reduce cost, but instead will cost the taxpayers more than $1.2 trillion in the 1st 10 years.  $500 billion will be cut from Medicare and the Administration appointed, without congressional oversight, an extremist that is an avowed fan of rationing.
Root Causes: Malpractice suits & Insurance, the inability to purchase across state lines, fraud, illigals over crowding emergency rooms.

Bailouts (Autos, Banks):
Loan guarantees worked when Chrysler was facing bankruptcy in the late 70’s and early 80’s why wasn’t it taken into consideration instead of throwing taxpayer dollars into these firms without determining yet again what the root cause of the failure was.

Cap & Trade:

During economic troubling times, why would Congressman Peters vote along his party lines for a Bill that would:

  • Destroy between 1.8 and 2.4 million jobs
  • Drive energy prices up to 50 percent
  • Hike gasoline prices up to 26 percent

(From a study by the National Association of Manufactures and the American Council of Capital Formation)

The Stimulus Bill:
Also known as the American Unrecoverey Act:  The only Shovels that were ready was for all of the BS coming out of Washington.  Nearly a trillion dollars didn’t keep the unemployment numbers from rising and “Recovery” is no where in sight.  Businesses are clamping down on overhead cost due to the uncertainty of this failed experiment and other restrictions and mandates passed down from Congress.

This was NOT the change that Americans were hoping for.  Earmarks, Expanding Government, Denial of personal liberties, Congressman Gary Peters had an opportunity to stand on the principles in which he ran in 2008.  He was elected to Congress with the Hope of fiscal sanity.  What the voters got instead was a spendaolic on steroids and voters are saying enough.  A real change will come in November when the voters go to the polls to give Congressman Peters his report card.  He will receive a failing grade and Rocky Raczkowski will be our best hope for real change.