A very hidden Democrat resume

One can only wonder if the Democrats are proud of the legislative accomplishment of the 111th Congress or if they are simply running away from their records.  They have passed a nearly 1 trillion dollar Stimulus package which accomplished nothing but additional debt and an overwhelming intrusion of personal rights by passing Obamacare.  What I find remarkable is that these same Congressman that celebrated and patted each other on the back when these ‘accomplishments’ were passed, not only avoid them in their campaign ads, they don’t even bother to tell the voters which party they belong to.
Instead, what I’ve seen is they are attacking their opponents on social networks and voter forums using the same talking points as others in their party when speaking on their opponent’s positions.

Since Congressman Gary Peters represents my district, I’m going to use him as a case study for my theory stated above and compare his tactics with that of Congressman John Dingell of Ann Arbor.  I have taken two positions in which both Peters and Dingell have ‘attacked’ their opponents in this race.  Their opponents are Rocky Raczkowski against Peters and Dr. Rob Steele against Dingell.

Peters on Rocky:  he also signed a pledge to continue to give tax breaks that reward companies that ship American job…s overseas.

Dingell on Steele: he actually signed a pledge promising to protect tax breaks for companies that outsource American jobs!

Social Security:
Peters on Rocky:  backs a plan to privatize Social Security. One can only imagine the devastation if our seniors’ Social Security had been… tied up by the collapse on Wall Street.

Dingell on Steele: He’s on record for supporting an agenda to turn Social Security retirement funds to Wall Street bankers.

Dingell is up there in age and anyone that has been quoted as saying that the Health Care Law will cover 300 people instead of 300 million and people need to be “Controlled”, would need a little assistance with quick bullet point talking points in order to make it through this election cycle. So, what’s Peters excuse?  We’ll let the people decide for themselves but, if you are looking for someone to represent you in Congress let’s hope it someone who can think for himself.  It’s quite apparent from Peters record, he can’t.