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If we get still get upset over 58,000 killed in just one Vietnam, shouldn’t we get more upset over 1,000 Vietnams? The deaths of 1,000 Vietnams would be equal to over 50 million innocent babies who have been murdered in America since the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, on January 22, 1973, that made abortion legal. Over 1,500,000 babies, about 30 Vietnams, have been killed every year for the last 37 years in this ongoing tragedy of epic proportions.

Some babies are still being murdered by a barbaric abortion procedure called “Partial-Birth Abortion.” As a live, full term baby is about to be born, it is turned so that the feet are delivered first and then long scissors are thrust into the base of the skull while only the head remains inside the mother. A tube is inserted, the baby’s brain is sucked out, and the head collapses to make delivery of the dead baby easier.

Laws outlawing this evil practice were vetoed time and time again by President Bill Clinton. These little babies were no longer just another part of their mother’s tissue. At the moment of conception, these babies were little people who had their own unique DNA. We need to repeat this again and again; At the moment of conception, these babies were little people who had their own unique DNA. They had a God-given, inalienable right to life, which began at conception.

At conception, the mother’s relationship to that new little person who is growing inside her body must change. All mothers have a stewardship (management of another person’s property entrusted to their care) responsibility to protect those tiny, new lives.

The killing of a defenseless human being is pure evil. All governments, the good ones and the bad ones, are ordained by God and have the right and obligation to bear the sword against those who practice evil.

Whenever we don’t execute murderers, we build up blood that has not been paid for … unrequited blood. Every unanswered murder causes judgment to build up against ourselves and against our nation. The Lord demands a reckoning from animals who kill men and from men who kill men.

In the Old Testament, killing was not only allowed by God but was instituted and required by God. So, the issue is not is it wrong to kill but what are the conditions in which it is wrong? In the King James Version of the Bible, the translation that most people are familiar with, the sixth commandment reads:

Exodus 20:13

13. Thou shalt not kill.

The word “kill” is an incorrect translation of the Hebrew word “thrtzch” which is more correctly translated “murder.” There is no place for premeditated murder but Scripture is very clear that there is a just self-defense … a just retribution. Christians not only have the right to take a life but in some circumstances, they have an obligation to take a life. A Christian is instructed to turn the other check to avoid a fight but when a Christian’s life is threatened or he sees innocent people about to be murdered, he has the right to protect himself and an obligation to protect innocent life. That’s the difference between the Christian and the criminal … the Christian protects innocent life, the criminal takes innocent life.

For three years, Jesus knew that Peter carried some form of knife. Jesus never told Peter or the rest of His disciples to not carry some form of knife as was the custom of all men. For most of his life, Peter probably used the same knife to repair fishing nets and clean fish. When Peter cut off the servant’s ear, he was actually trying to kill him. The Lord didn’t tell Peter to throw away his knife but merely told him to put it back into its sheath. After Jesus supernaturally reattached the servant’s ear, He reminded Peter that deadly force was only to be used in defense of innocent life. If Peter had killed the servant, the law would have required that he be executed because the servant was not threatening Jesus’ life.

The world did not have police officers until the last several hundred years. For the previous thousands of years, if someone were murdered, God’s law required that a blood relative, an “avenger of blood,” be sent to avenge the death of a family member.

Can God bless America? God is no longer blessing America as He once did. God is removing His hand of blessing from America because our leaders will not execute murders. There should be no life sentences or “death row” for murders. Justice delayed is justice denied. One of the ways that the Lord can punish a nation is to have that nation destroyed by another nation. Another way to punish a nation is to spiritually blind the people of that nation so that they elect bad leaders for themselves … it’s the moral equivalence of you shooting yourself in your foot. This is a perfect example of Consequential Wrath … the wrath of sowing and reaping. That explains why we were saddled with a president like Bill Clinton who was a serial adulterer, an impeached and disbarred perjurer, and a baby killer. In actuality, we didn’t deserve someone as good as Bill Clinton. We deserved someone much worse.

Because our society has continued to condone the killing of babies and acts of perversion, God has seen fit to punish America even further with the election of an inexperienced, unqualified, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and pro-Marxism executive named Barack Obama in addition to the rest of the adulterers, perverts, liars, and thieves in congress. Before he was elected president, Barack Obama voted to allow homosexuals to marry and voted four times against the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” Babies who were to have been aborted, but were still alive when delivered, should have been protected. Instead, the doctors and nurses did not provide care for those newborn little people but took them into a dirty laundry room where they were left alone to die without any further medical help. Videotape exists showing a doctor strangling a baby. Barack Obama is so radical that he believes in killing babies after they have been born … this is infanticide, pure and simple. Just like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama also voted numerous times to allow “Partial-Birth Abortion” killings to continue.