At the Heart of the Matter

In what might be the biggest oxymoron of our time, the left is debating the ethics of a California mother that decided to have octuplets with the help of fertilization. This morning on some CNN show, I saw a roundtable panel discussing the ethics of having eight children and whether it is right for someone that knowingly lacks the means to support children, yet bears them anyways.

First, let me state that as a pro-lifer, I am happy she brought life into our world; however, there is a responsibility we bear to our children to give them the best life possible. Does this mean she should have gotten an abortion, absolutely not. It means the fertility doctors involved should of looked at her situation, a unemployed single parent that already has six kids, and stated let’s wait until you have your feet firm on the ground and the means to raise the additional children the right way.

MSDNC reports: “Experts say the public’s sudden and dramatic flip-flop from coo-ing celebration to resentful backlash highlights the clash between two competing sets of values: the rights of the individual and her obligations to society. Americans don’t want anyone making rules about family size.”

All of a sudden they realize there’s obligation to society? These are the same people that deny life to humans, all in the name of a woman’s choice. People that have dared us to quit challenging a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body. As conservatives, we are on the right side of the coin, we hate abortion and we disagree with irresponsible birthing. Liberals now find it convenient to play both sides of the coin when public backlash becomes robust or when economic times are difficult and there lies their hypocrisy.

The same MSDNC article quotes: “Making matters worse in the eyes of many people, the delivery of the mom’s eight babies by a Los Angeles hospital team of 46 doctors came at a bad economic time.” And the AP begins a story regarding her welfare: “A big share of the financial burden of raising Nadya Suleman’s 14 children could fall on the shoulders of California’s taxpayers, compounding the public furor in a state already billions of dollars in the red.”

No kiddin’, but if the economy was booming, having the children would be ok? Of course not, applying that logic to this situation is ridiculous. The economic situation is just adding fuel to the fire.

Now this post isn’t here to demean single parents having children, I was raised in a single parent household, where there were only two children, so I understand the struggle of most single parents have in responsibly raising their children. I am disappointed because this sets a precedent for people to irresponsibly bear children and face zero consequences and to exploit the system that already covers your six children to now cover your 14 kids. I’m having a difficult time comparing it to public funding for abortion because although these children were brought into the world, it’s not right for these children to struggle through life because of their irresponsible mother and it’s not right to the California taxpayer to support this.