It's Our Time in 2009

First, may I wish everyone a blessed and safe new year. Second, Let’s put 2008 in our rear view mirror, but not forget the lessons learned for us as conservatives and Republicans. Third, Let’s look to 2009 as a time to rebuild the party leadership in the mold of Goldwater and Reagan, not of moderates and bipartisanship.

I’m currently reading “A Glorious Disaster” by Middendorf, which discusses how a group of young conservatives formed a coalition to transform the Republican party base from eastern country club elites to conservatives and ended up having their candidate Sen. Goldwater as the GOP nomination for the ’64 election. As I read through the book, it’s becoming clear to me that 2008 represented pre-’64 because conservatism has been disregarded by some of our congressional leaders and even our President. The result of disregarding the principles that brought them to power in the 90’s and early this decade has been disastrous to us.

Critics have blamed conservatism as the issue plaguing our country’s problems. Conservatism isn’t defined by the same old failed liberal ideas of increased government spending and scope or corporate bailouts to solve our country’s problems. It’s defined by giving the citizens the freedom and incentives to innovate ideas to solve current problems and lay the path for the future.

So as a new president takes the oath and additional democrats invade the Congressional halls, we must begin to form a strongest base imaginable that will not bend to wavering RINOs, moderates, and democrats that want to dictate to us what the Republican party should consist of. We witnessed what happened when there’s a “maverick” as our nominee, let’s not do it again. We consist of strong family values, personal freedom and responsibility, low taxation to have people and businesses keep their money, not the government, judges that abide by the rule of law, not their own personal politics, free trade agreements that open our products to the world on a larger scale, health care that isn’t brought to you by the government, but by your own choosing, and a secure America. Our ideas and values are shared by a majority of Americans, we just haven’t provided the right leadership that citizens want to be apart of. Starting from the top-down, let’s elect that strong leadership that shares our ideals, and dismiss that “big tent” talk.

This upcoming year, let us lay the foundation for 2010 by sounding the horns, taking to the streets, explaining to the people that we are the party of freedom and prosperity, telling the elected officials that we’re keeping a close eye on them and we will act appropriately come the elections, and letting America know it’s our time in 2009.