Dear Congress, RE: Auto Bailout, From: Taxpayer...

Dear Congress,
If reports are true, and there will be a bailout for the big three, I demand to voice my suggestion to each company as someone who has a stake of their tax dollars being loaned to the companies.

As a stipulation for receiving funding, one of the companies should resurrect an American classic, a part of American lore, an as American as apple pie… I’m talking about the Delorean DMC-12. Think about how it affected the history of America. It shot Michael J. Fox to superstardom and sent John Delorean to bankruptcy court.

Instead of apologizing for making unattractive cars, bringing back the DMC-12 would appeal to a new generation of Americans. Celebrities love the Italian sports cars with the gull-wing doors that open up, well the DMC-12 opens up and it’s fast. Beat that Ferrari.

Obviously, there will need to be some reconfiguration, make it a little lighter for gas efficiency and maybe make a limited Doc Brown series that appeals to us Reagan babies. Please give this idea a shot, if it fails, we can power up the flux capacitor and pretend it never happened.

Best Regards,
Michael Ferragamo