My New Journey

September 3rd was a great night for us Republicans. We watched our statesmen deliver great speeches that inspired us to never stop fighting for our conservative beliefs. We also witnessed a new face of Republican politics take the national stage and address our country with a fierce and engaging attitude, not to mention a pretty face! All of the celebration will culminate tonight with our candidate John McCain speaking and we will move forward as a party and capture the White House.Well the reason why I am writing this entry is because it was also a great night for myself. I’ve been a member of Redstate for approximately fourteen months, and in that time I discovered a place where people come together to discuss numerous topics that ignite the passion of our beliefs that burns inside of us. This passion that burns inside of me went from being a candlelight to a bonfire because of RS. I was able to expand my knowledge regarding what’s really happening in Washington and across our country and understand each of ours’ points of view. With all that said, I decided to apply for my master’s degree in public affairs at the ultra liberal mecca known as University of Mass. Boston. Needless to say, I was accepted and began classes last night. My first encounter at the school was a table promoting young socialists, socialism, and Obama. I thought this is a great way to begin. I see this as a opportunity to represent what conservative Republicans actually believe in and plan on challenging liberals on what they think, students and faculty alike. Anyways, I met a fellow student who is a Republican and we struck a conversation regarding politics. It seemed she was impressed because she then offered me a opportunity that I could never imagine myself doing. She happens to be the managing editor of the school newspaper and told me about the paper needing a op-ed columnist with a conservative view and she said I should apply. I obliged with some reluctance because I never have been a columnist and can barely write a good blog. This morning I spoke with the opinion editor. We discussed ideas for a bit and afterward he asked me if I could write a column for next week’s paper. I said why not and wrote a column regarding Governor Palin. I know this story really is not much, however, I would like to thank the editors and all those that post diaries and comments on this great site because it has inspired me to encounter new tasks that, just graduating college in 2006, I could never envision myself doing.

ps. If anyone could offer any advice regarding writing columns, please leave a little post and I’ll contact you privately. Thanks!