Free market solutions to healthcare

The Democrats continue to frame opposition to their healthcare reform bill as a defense of the status quo, yet they ignore the free market solutions presented over and over. I haven’t heard any serious consideration given to opening up insurance sales across state lines, or a serious plan to implement tort reform, or loosening license laws so that PAs and RNs can deliver lower cost services, or tax breaks for individuals purchasing insurance, or health savings plans, or a thorough assessment of all regulations which contribute to higher costs.

Implementing these free market solutions would have an immediate effect, yet the Democrats are more concerned with making sure government has control, making it difficult to take their plans seriously. The underlying prize for the Democrats is government control of healthcare, gauranteeing a powerbase for years to come — or so they plan.

A major problem is the Democrat majority with media support, but if I had to pick a Republican who has faithfully and effectively articulated the free market options, I couldn’t. As of yet, no Republican has taken the risk of laying it all on the line to stand firmly as the voice of opposition. In fact, there’s evidence lately that enough Republicans will capitulate so that the Democrats will get their thin end of the wedge into healthcare — then it’s only a matter of time and tinkering before we have a single payer system.

So, although Republicans have offered free market solutions, the offerings have been diffuse without any courageous leadership, compelling analysis or inspiring articulation.