Just say no (to the state), then say yes (to the people)

The American people who care about limited government and a free market can no longer avoid conviction — practice is over and the real game is beginning. Play-acting at responsibility and opposition to government over-reach has allowed political activists, who have conviction, to build a power-base, community by community, and create a situation where money and energy is being transferred from producers to consumers and dependents — wealth is being frittered away in large portions because an opposition force hasn’t been created to stop the transfer of wealth.

As I wrote in an earlier post, the truly needy in society can be helped through private assistance, but in the present arrangement, money is being confiscated and wasted, not just a little on bureacracy and corrupt organizations connected to politicians who use these organizations as vote-manufacturers.

All the people in the U.S. who have not been politically active are needed in the coming elections to change the make-up of local, state and national representation so that a clear message is sent that the U.S. will not follow Europe into socialization and mediocrity, dependent on others for its survival. This is a time for action, not talk.

Opposition to the present progressive movement will be framed as racist, heartless capitalism, ignorant conservative southerners and reactionaries against modern progress, but once you have a clear, libertarian vision of what America can be and how the State is gaining more and more control over the free market — a free market which is necessary for growth and prosperity, and, therefore, charity — then it’s easy to ignore the smears and move forward. Whether a conservative or a liberal not yet radicalized into a State puppet, a libertarian understanding is important to conviction.

It’s obvious at this point that the battle is between the State and the private sector — the State has reached a point in its natural growth, when left practically unlimited, it grows for the sake of growing and its power is used to protect itself for the sake of protecting power (and its corporate friends). There are only liabilities to a more powerful State, and no benefits.

This crossroads where we find ourselves will determine the future of America, and it transcends the facile partisan divisions which have kept people fighting one another as the State grows more powerful in the midst of the battle. The battle is no longer between Republicans and Democrats, it’s between a too-powerful State and the American people.