Message sent to Jim DeMint - How to handle lame duck legislation?

I greatly appreciate all that you are doing for us conservatives.  I also fully support your plan to block lame duck legislation (as pointed out to me by the Family Research Council’s email, highlighting your plan).

I was wondering one thing, though.  I’m sure that you agree that we need to extend the so-called “Bush tax cuts” for everyone (and not just those who earn under $250K).  That’s clearly not going to be accomplished before Nov. 2.  What will happen when Reid tries to couple the tax cut extensions with other abominations like we saw with the recent defense bill that had the DADT repeal and other completely unacceptable items?  It seems that is how the Dems will try to provide the tax cut extensions – by including stuff that would have no other chance to pass.  Then, if the conservatives band together to block such legislation, the Dems will claim that they tried to pass the tax cuuts, but we blocked them.  How will this be managed?

I love your messages and the stands you take.  You really are a conservative, unlike far too many in our current congress.  (Witness those who allowed Lisa Murkowski to keep her chair position even after declaring that she would still try to win the Alaska Senate seat through write-in, after having been primaried by a real conservative, Joe Miller.  She’s an embarrassment along with everyone who voted to allow her to remain in that position.)  Keep up the great work!  If only we had someone as good and principled as you running for our California Senate seat!  (Carly will have to suffice…  DeVore would have been so much better, though!)