mccain and palin put everything on the line for our country

i am a democrat and looked at everyone in a fair and equal manner, as well as trying to get mccain to understand several issues that would have made him a shu-in for president. first of all lets get one thing straight. barrack obama is trying to tie mccain to the keating 5, but mccain was found to have really nothing to do with it. besides, obama does have one of them campaigning for him (john glenn). now john mccain gave his life for americans everywhere. he had a choice to be released for information or face severe retaliation. that poor guy chose to face retaliation in wartime and had almost every bone in his body broken. he suffered for us severely. while he was suffering where was obama in the younger day? out doing drugs, meeting with ayers who tried to blow up several federal buildings and got out of it on a legal technicality. then you have rezko who did so much frauding he finally got convicted, don’t forget the famous reverand white and the other so called priest. for 20 years and not knowing? yeah right. then you have to look at the experience. obamas slogan is “learn as i go along” we can not afford this right now. nancy pelosi didn’t endorse hillary because nancy is the highest ranking woman in the us government and if hillary was to be the democratic candidate and elected, well we know who would be the highest ranking woman.by the way nancy, did you ever get that bigger jet you requested? the kennedys endorsements are for crooked reasons anyways, the whole family made their money to start this elaborate family through illegalities. thats why that whole family is paying. since i am originally from the philadelphia are, i am street smart. i also can read where people are coming from. obama reminds me of a drug dealer. he will say and promise anyone anything as long as he can make a sale, and those who believe him will wish they never went in that direction. you also must remember, if mccain isn’t going to say it, then i will………….i am not bush.* ideas to get mccain in office as president.

  1. stop all lobbying
  2. get rid of the income tax system and start a federal sales tax of 4%. that way a person making 1000.00 who pays almost 200.00 in federal taxes will take it all home with them. if they spend 1000.00 they will only pay 40.00 so they will keep an extra 160.00 out of their pay. those who spend like illegal immigrants, drug dealers, people getting paid under the table, millionares, billionares etc will pay into the federal system everytime they purchase something. everyone pays, not just the middle class working people (real estate and autos excluded) and an excemp card for people on sosial security and disability.
  3. there are 449 billionares here in the united states. total value of these billionares is 4.4 trillion dollars. make them pay a 10% greed tax or invest 10% into creating new companies. this will pull in approximately 440 billion dollars. i am sure that bill gates who is worth 57 billion won’t be hurting if he has to fork over 5.7 billion
  4. make our elected officials realize that they are public servants who are to represent their districts, not to become dictators who dictate our lives and money.
  5. cut the federal government 10% in every department, especially when alot of them don’t put in 8 hours a day or even show up at all.
  6. all the abandoned homes that are sitting there until they are delapitated. why not sell them for $1 with an agreement to fix them up over a period of time. rather then have the goverment wait and wait until our taxes finally have to pay a demolition for each property.