Seniors being insulted by Obama team!

Does anyone else out there over 50 years old find the age discrimination in the Obama campaign offensive? I am getting sick and tired of them making fun of the wisdom of someone who has experience and knowledge that young kids can’t buy (no matter how much money the Obamas may raise)! That wisdom and knowledge makes me feel much more secure than someone whose latest claim to fame is that he can use a computer! Guess what! Computers can be hacked!

And, as for Joe Biden! Don’t get me started! Well, okay…..

The man is 65 years old. He has been a senator since age 29. He knows no other life than big government! Sarah Palin has had to help a small town and a large state juggle life’s everyday needs. Joe Biden has never had to look for a job in an economic downturn, never had to worry about a factory closing in a small town and how the town would make up for the loss of that tax base, how the folks in that town would still be able to buy groceries, etc. That is the knowledge that Sarah Palin brings to this table. She is awesome! As is Senator McCain.

Thanks for listening!