I'm Betting This Has Something To Do With Obamacare

The brilliance of the implementation of Obamacare is that it was designed for all the goodies to hit first. The bad stuff will be doled out in bits over the coming years. I’ve been warning my friends who thought it was so wonderful that their 26 year old kids could now be covered on their insurance that they would see a downside eventually and by then it might be too late.

The first one hit my company yesterday.

Apparently, our HR has put off our benefit enrollment to the last minute. 2 days ago, they had a big meeting up in the home office to go over all the changes. You’ve been in these meetings before. Some boring person from HR drones on about a bunch of stuff you don’t care about or understand. You shrug your shoulders, sign the forms, and go back to work. But apparently, there’s one big change for us that nobody anticipated and once they realized what was happening the panic started.

If your spouse works for a company that provides them with insurance, you are no longer eligible to be covered under ours.

So, if your wife is staying home with the kids, you don’t have a problem. If your husband has insurance through his employer, you don’t have a problem. If your spouse works for a small business that doesn’t have insurance, you don’t have a problem. If your spouse works for a big company that DOES offer insurance, but you’ve decided to add them to you policy because ours is better, cheaper, or you just make more money – then you have a BIG problem!

I realize the company is trying to cut its costs. And really, why should they pay for my coworker’s wife’s insurance when she works for a big bank? Let THEM pay for it! Fortunately for me, my husband and I worked for our current employers before we got married and just never saw a benefit to changing policies. Some of the guys in my office are not so lucky. And to make it worse, most companies did all this last month and their benefit enrollment periods have closed.

So, who thinks a bunch of people are going to end up uninsured in January? Who thinks my employer made this decision because of the changes mandated by Obamacare? Who thinks that next year, they’ll decide to cut off ALL dependent coverage to save more money?

And who thinks this is just the first of a series of changes that we’re all going to find as the rest of Obamacare unfolds? Who thinks we’re going to be happy with any of them?

Yeah, me neither.