OK, So We Lost

Well, it’s been two days now. Still working our way through the 5 stages of grief. Right now, I’ve gone past denial. I think I’m still stuck on anger. I’ll get to bargaining later.

I kept thinking about the old joke McCain repeated to Leno after his loss. “I slept like a baby. I woke up every 2 hours crying.” For the first 24 hours, I was seriously depressed. Apparently, I’m not alone. We spent all day Wednesday at my office in a funk. The phones are barely ringing. By yesterday, some of my fellow Republicans started to climb out of their bunkers. A lot of us are thinking this is the end of America. The moochers outnumber us and they’ve finally won. The ship of state is going down like the Titanic. I personally keep imagining my worst fears about Obamacare coming true: every private insurance company in America goes bankrupt, the government is “forced” to take over health care, the rationing starts and I end up being set adrift on the ice floe when I get sick or too old to contribute to the collective (on the plus side, this might be the liberals’ solution to the Social Security and Medicare crisis.)

It’s not that Romney lost. Quite frankly, I don’t think anybody could have beaten Obama. Maybe the dreaded Republican establishment that we’ve all come to hate saw the writing on the wall and that’s why so many of the “good” candidates we kept hoping for chose not to run. Anyone who thinks Gingrich or Santorum could have done better is delusional. The left would have wiped the floor with either of them. I had high hopes for Herman Cain, until all the crap about “sexual harassment” came out. And if we had to pick a sacrifice to toss into the great electoral volcano, then Romney was an excellent choice.

But it wasn’t just Romney that lost. Nobody should be surprised that Todd Akin lost. Richard Mourdock losing was bad. Mia Love losing was worse. But Scott Brown and Tommy Thompson (our 2 most moderate candidates) lost. Good grief people! Wisconsin put a lesbian in the Senate! Gay marriage won for the first time ever when put on a ballot for the voters to decide. And two states voted to legalize MARIJUANA!!!!! If that cause some serious rethinking nothing will.

America has changed. We know the demographics have changed. Maybe the values have too. That’s what the NY Times is trying to tell us anyway. All we know right now is that we lost.

My husband came home Wednesday night and told me “Honey, I need you to step back from the ledge!” So, I’m consoling myself with how lucky I am. I still have a job (for now) and I work for a company that rarely fires anyone. If we’re still in business I can keep working until I die at my desk. My home is paid off so I don’t have to worry about foreclosure. I’ll never be able to sell it but that’s another story. I have a great husband. We don’t have kids so we don’t have to feel quite so bad about leaving another generation to suffer life in post apoclyptic America. And I never wanted to live past 80 anyway.

But seriously folks. Eric’s right. It was a close election. Maybe it wasn’t even about ideas. Maybe too many people were invested in reelecting our first black president and they didn’t even care about the facts. I personally know a lot of people who think Obamacare was a fabulous idea because their 26 year old son is on their insurance and all those poor people with preexisting conditions will no longer be left to die in the streets. The horror will start hitting them next year as the bad stuff is actually implemented (note to Republicans: we need to figure out a way to implement some of our diabolical schemes in such a way that the goodies come first and the punishment comes after it’s too late to repeal.) Romney definitely ran a bad campaign. We have a while to sort through it before the next election.

While we argue amongst ourselves as to how we go forward (sorry! How we continue on from this point…..) there are some good things. First, Obama is done. We never have to campaign against him again. His bad policies are fair game. Second, ideas never die. Raise your hand if you thought socialized medicine was dead in the water after Hillarycare? Third, the people are fickle and in 4 years they’re most likely going to be tired of the Democrats. I can’t think of a president in my lifetime that we haven’t been glad to see leave Washington. Except for Reagan.

Go ahead and work your way through the grief. Swear off politics for good. Set fire to your Romney/Ryan sign. Defriend all those liberal jackasses on Facebook that have been gloating for the last 2 days. Delete Fox News from your cable favorites. Send a nast email to Dick Morris telling him you’re never going to listen to him again. Get it all out of your system.

But we have to regroup. I personally can’t afford to move. Can’t sell my house in this market. I don’t speak a foreign language. Couldn’t survive a winter in Canada. Besides, where are we going to go that’s any better than this? So, we can give in and let the liberal utopia become a reality or we can at least go down fighting.

Personally, I plan to fight again. Just as soon as I finish licking my wounds from this time.