Trudeau Does It Again.

I don’t know why I’m surprised. And I don’t why I keep reading Doonesbury (or the NY Times) when it just elevates my blood pressure. Maybe because they’re important or other people at least think they’re important.

I know Gary Trudeau is a leftist and is out to get Romney. But I thought some things would be off limits out of human decency. Silly me. This week, Doonesbury’s plot line is mocking Romney for his missionary work in France. Seriously? This is supposed to be FUNNY? I’m not a Mormon and I disagree with a lot of their beliefs. But most religions believe in missionary work, both to help the less fortunate and to convert the unbeliever. After all, if you really believe you have the path to salvation, you want to share it, right?

The only thing more disappointing to me than the fact Doonesbury thinks mission work is to be ridiculed is that once again, my Facebook friends agree that his is hysterical. One even said it was OK to mock Romney because she disagrees with me politically. Just wow. So, if I disagree with your political views it’s OK for me to disparage your religion? And isn’t mission work to be admired even in other faiths?

I guess not.