NYT turns on McCain

Warning to all RINO’s! The liberal media WILL bite the hand that feeds it.

Today’s NYT has a profile on John McCain titled “Once a rebel, McCain now walks the party line.” They make this out like it’s a bad thing. Poor John McCain. He was once the media’s favorite Republican – until he ran for president. Throughout his senate career, he thought he could actually accomplish something by being the “maverick,” crossing party lines, “reaching across the aisle” and whatever other metaphor you want to use for compromise (or backstabbing – take your pick.) And he actually believed that because the liberal media had adored him so much as a maverck Republican, he would be immune from their assaults when he ran for president. Now, he realized that assumption was wrong and is trying to finish his last senate term by actually representing the party that made him their presidential nominee.

I think there are 3 big lessons here:

1. RINO’s – the media is not your friend. They pretend to like you when you’re bashing your fellow Republicans, but they don’t really. The NY Times, Washington Post  and the rest of the media may sing your praises now, but if you think you can count on them if you’re ever opposing the democrats, YOU CAN’T! Do not ever forget this. EVER.

2. For conservatives: RINO’s can be tamed! We don’t have to kill off all the RINO’s, we just have to put the fear of the Tea Party into them. We can keep the conservative agenda on the front burner but it requires constant vigilance and pressure on our part. This will be especially true if Mitt Romney actually wins in November.

3. To the GOP establishment: don’t be fooled by the media. To them, there is no electable Republican. Witness McCain and Romney. No matter how moderate (liberal) reasonable, likeable, well respected and popular our nominees, the liberal media will never, EVER say “yeah, he’s a pretty good guy and won’t be the worst thing to ever happen to us.” The same guy the liberals keep encouraging us to support during the primaries will be villified as the most evil conservative ever to emerge from the ooze and his potential election will be portrayed as the end of civilization as we know it. So, we might as well have nominated Rick Perry or Sarah Palin. The media coverage will be the same.

The good news on that last part: just because the liberal media tries to paint the moderate Republican as evil conservativism incarnate doesn’t mean the public is going to buy it. It doesn’t seem to be working with Romney.

So take heart fellow conservatives! If we can change John McCain, we can change anybody. We just have to keep working.