Not sorry for Penn State's fans. They're getting what they deserve.

If there’s anyone out there feeling the least bit sorry for Penn State and its fans, check out this posting on Slate and see if you still feel that way:



For those of you who can’t stomach visiting Slate.com for any reason, this is a series of photos taken by Penn State fans who rushed to have their pictures taken with the Joe Paterno statue last week before it was torn down.

Really people? In the wake of this absolutely nauseating scandal THAT’S your priority? To have your picture taken with the statue of a man who allowed a known pedophile escape justice for over a decade and continue to rape little boys? Rob Siegel – you think your 5 month old baby girl is going to be proud you posed her in this picture one day? And the most sickening one of all: 2 little boys posed in front of the statue while their mom takes their picture. Hey mom! Why don’t you send a copy of that to Sandusky in his prison cell? I’m sure it would bring joy to his heart. Not to mention other body parts.

We are a sick, sick society. And no government program can fix this. May God have mercy on our souls.