The Best Question Anyone Ever Asked Me

I’m pretty greedy about my right to vote. I was so proud to vote in my first presidential election (although considering I voted for Mike Dukakis the world might have been better off if I had been a slacker like most 20 year olds.) I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced my godmother – a lifelong democrat – to go for Romney this year. And a liberal coworker seems to be doubting her Obama vote so I think I’ll swing her. My husband votes how I do (cause he’s not really interested enough to research things himself.) If I wanted to be dishonest, I could cast an absentee ballot for my dead mother since she’s still on the voter rolls (but we don’t roll that way.)

But not content to vote in my own state, I’ve been working on a Texas coworker trying to get him to vote for Ted Cruz in the senatorial runoff. It was a slow day here at the office yesterday, so I asked him again if he’d looked into it and he asked me the best question anyone every asked me:

“Why should I vote?”

What do you mean why should you vote? People DIED for your right to vote! You’d think I wouldn’t have to explain this to a veteran. When I first asked him to vote for Cruz he was interested because he’s hispanic, but apparently he doesn’t think sharing a heritage with someone is a good enough reason to vote for them (wish more people felt that way!) So, my friend NEVER votes. For anyone. Either party. National, state, local elections.

That stuns me but I start to mumble through reasons for him to vote: the country is going broke, if Obamacare becomes law you’re going to be put out on an ice floe to die, religious freedom is being eroded, taxes are going up, unemployement is over 8%….

He thought about it for a minute and said “I can’t do that to my grandchildren.”

So, I think I’ve converted another voter. But his question still haunts me and it’s one we need to be able to answer without hestitaion.

You should vote because it doesn’t matter how many millions a Superpac pays running ads on TV, we still get to decide.

You should vote because there are actual differences between the 2 parties and your vote could decide whether America continues to be the land of the free or we speed up our long slide into socialism.

You should vote because the rich guy you work for is absolutely going to vote.

You should vote because the unions, abortionists, socialists and moochers will be turning out their people in droves to vote.

You should vote because if you don’t, that’s like giving Michael Moore TWO votes.

And most of all, you should vote because men died to give you that freedom. If you are a woman or minority, people went to jail and endured torture and misery so that you could vote. People are rioting in other countries so that they can have the privledge you’re so willing to throw away just because you don’t care, are too lazy to learn or are convinced that you can’t make a difference.

Maybe that’s what they WANT us to think. The Republican establishment wants to cling to its own diminishing circle of power and influence sot they don’t want you to vote. Celebrities want to be all cool and important, so they want you to vote for the guy THEY endorse. Too many big businesses don’t really care who wins because they’ve got enough money to game the system and they win no matter who is elected. And the unions think they have the power to bully elected officials to get what they want even if it ruins your kid’s education or bankrupt your city.

So, let’s show all of these people that they are wrong and our votes DO count. Vote.