The Forever War Against Islam...Our New Reality

In 1974 American science fiction author Joe Haldeman wrote the epic of futuristic militaristic fiction in ‘The Forever War’, the story of endless interstellar war by space marines and rocket jockeys fighting interminable battles and wars with a shifting panoply of menacing space aliens. And this motif of endless war with a gruesome otherworldly enemy has been popularized in countless other sci-fi sagas such as Starship Troopers, Battlestar Galactica, Space: Above and Beyond, etc. etc.  You might say that this genre is expressing a time-honored dark aspect of our collective subconscious that was initially primed and given expression by the Biblical Christian apocalyptic visions of the End Times. And now, finally, the real world catalyst that is actually launching us into this dark nether region of Forever War is…ISIS, as explicated in the post just below mine today by Imre Beke.

The book ‘The ISIS Apocalypse’ written by the scholar William McCants of The Brookings Institution details how this Islamist apocalyptic vision animates and structures everything about ISIS. ISIS indeed is trying to provoke, and successfully everyone is beginning to believe now, since the takedown of the Russian passenger airliner and now the Paris attacks, massive retaliation that will result in tens of thousands of civilian casualties. I have written about this in my last post ‘Russia About To Strategically Bomb ISIS’. ISIS’ expectation, not unwarranted, is that worldwide popular Muslim reaction to seeing the televised carnage of the imminent Russian bombing campaign, never mind the French who do not possess strategic bombing capability unless they use a mini-nuke (and it might still get to that), will galvanize a growing and unstoppable worldwide populist Jihadi campaign or series of campaigns against Russia and the West that will indeed be tantamount to a ‘War Of Civilizations.’

Now, there are different varieties of Islam, at the base of which are the principal faiths of Sunni and Shia Islam. The Iranian grounded Shia sect has its own apocalyptic tradition and there is the added complication that there is a brewing Shia-Sunni civil war already underway in the Middle East to add fuel to all this apocalypse mongering. But if even a relatively tiny minority of the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims begins to actively engage in, or support, morally and logistically, a global Jihad then we are in Frank Herbert territory indeed (Herbert is the American sci-fi author of the ‘Dune’ series of novels which posits precisely this: that an interstellar Jihad by the Muslim-like ‘Fremen’ of his sci-fi universe is launched against secular interstellar civilization and, after many bloody battles, the Jihad…wins! Herbert may turn out to have been prescient after all. Perish the thought.)

What will the real imminent earthly global Jihad look like? Well, just like what has been starting ever so slowly these past couple of years. Lone wolf attacks, like the Tsarnaev Brothers Boston marathon pressure cooker bombing. Insider, or ‘Green on Blue’ attacks, like the Fort Hood Major Doctor Hassan shooting of fellow soldiers. And spectacular attacks like the Paris one yesterday or the Russian passenger jet bomb (an insider attack it looks like by a turncoat baggage agent, an airport employee.) And as these attacks begin to increase in frequency our collective response will be to increasingly crack down on the Muslim communities in our midst…it’s inevitable, and popular pressure will push the authorities to begin to suspend the constitutional rights of so-called Muslim citizens, first by increasing the permitted surveillance on mosques and Muslim businesses and households, such as in the majority Muslim city of Dearborn, Michigan, ultimately ending in the extremist right-wing paranoid fantasy of FEMA detention camps (only in the new reality no real Americans will wind up there…only suspicious Muslims, and like the Japanese Nisei of World War II detention camp infamy…it will all be too real.)  The Constitution is not a suicide pact, as ex-Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming used to like to say…if our collective survival depends on abrogating parts of it for Muslims it’s no more onerous a violation than Abraham Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War.

Very quickly the polite fiction of President George W Bush after the 9/11 attacks, that Islam is just another ‘peaceful religion’, echoed these days by the pusillanimous Barack Hussein Obama, will evaporate under the relentlessly growing barrage and onslaught of Muslim attacks and attempted attacks.  If you’re out on a night on the town beware your Muslim waiter…any moment he might plunge that steak knife in your throat. Out at the car dealership shopping for a new car? Oh oh, the Muslim mechanic about to test drive a car for maintenance can any moment plow into a group of real, non-Muslim Americans. The Muslim bus driver could at any moment do a suicide drive of the bus and all the passengers off a highway overpass. The Muslim doctor in the hospital could start injecting patients with poison. Jihad will be touching each of us soon  in the Brave New World of post 2015 America. Are you ready?

There’s an easy way the Muslims of any Western country could prove me wrong. How about if, very soon in Paris, a hundred thousand Muslims, maybe 10,000 Muslims, oh, that’s still too much, ok, can we get ONE THOUSAND Muslims, to march in a ‘Not In My Name’ protest to show solidarity with the values of Western civilization and renounce radical Islam. They won’t do it, will they? Not like we Western people, take a subset of us, say white males, we’re always being reminded of our ‘white privilege’ or being admonished to not be sexist, yada yada yada, but the vast silent majority of Muslims just…stay silent in the face of these recurring atrocities. How come? Do they secretly sympathize with Jihad? Even if they don’t like violence personally, in their hearts they blame Western colonialism for the conquest of Muslim countries starting in the 19th century and, like the African-Americans in the U.S. today, they have a sense of grievance, and so they are uppity, and secretly they enjoy seeing white Western civilization get smacked down. All the time that they live here and benefit from our Western technology and economy…and then at home they secretly celebrate our misfortunes. In their hearts they’re rooting for their home team, for Mohammed.

So maybe there aren’t as many moderate Muslims as guilt-ridden hand-wringing liberals would like us to believe. Because, once the so-called moderates themselves look at the texts and history of Islam they see, as we all see, that Islam is a religion of WAR, the antithesis of being the so-called ‘religion of peace.’ War and conquest are inscribed in the DNA of Islam. And the Jihadis are basically throwing a monumental temper tantrum at the fact that WHITE WESTERN civilization bested Islam and colonized Islam because, sorry liberals, it was BETTER, better in a Social-Darwinian sense at competition and survival in the world. Same goes for WHITE EUROPEAN colonization of Africa. Don’t tell that to the addled and spoiled white liberal college kids though, they’ll throw a galactic hissy fit at hearing the TRUTH. They’ll run to the Moslems looking for a Safe Space, ha ha ha.

(By the way, this is the real meaning of the hit TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ and the follow-on ‘Beware The Walking Dead’ series. It will no longer be politically incorrect to point out that the ‘Walking Dead’ zombies killing living Americans are…you guessed it, Muslims! The show was so popular precisely because it was tweaking our subconscious, and justified, fears of the undercover zombie killers among us…Jihadi Muslims.)

The tragedy of course is that a significant majority of Muslims living here, as in all Western countries, are indeed ordinary, non-violent people and we can’t realistically relish punishing them for sometimes secretly rooting for their ‘home team’ from the safety of their sofas at home. So America’s problem is: How do we adequately protect our society without perpetrating gross injustices on this non-violent Muslim majority? The answer is: Sorry, but it can’t be done…and in an apocalyptic War of Civilizations it’s either Them or Us. I vote Us. Who’s with me?