Obama Gives Hillary Cerebral Hemorrhage...Forget About Benghazi

Look, I don’t like Hillary, she’s a sourpuss witch and bitch, and Obama loathes Hillary too, you know that he’s given the go-ahead to the FBI to assiduously investigate if Her Highness sent any classified emails on her private server, and if so, she will be indicted, just like General Petraeus, hero of the Iraq surge, was indicted for being sloppy with classified government info. Obama WANTS Joe Biden to be the Democrat nominee because Joe will be more amenable to sustaining Obama’s legacy, whereas Hillary and the entire populace of ClintonWorld would give Obama the cold shoulder and not even invite him to a White House pool party. As documented in Ed Klein’s book ‘Unlikeable’ and as reported by Dick Morris and Monica Crowley, the Obamas and Clintons detest each other and Biden is positioned to jump in if/when Hillary goes down. Serves the harpy right, and not just a harpy but a slattern, an ogress, and Kentucky Fried Chicken should have a promotional called the ‘Hillary Bucket’…no breasts and fat thighs, culled from a SHORT pear shaped bird, ha ha. No wonder Bill was porking an obese porcine slut like Monica Lewinsky, he couldn’t tell them apart in the dark, even their genital stench was the same odoriferous putrid perfume that he was so used to, as Trump would put it, and did put it. However…

Watching the Benghazi Select Committee in action today I cannot help but think what kind of impression this event is making on the vast swathe of uncommitted and independent voters. The absurd attention to the most minute and meticulous details by the Republican members…”Look at this pile of emails Hillary, how come in 2011 there are 645 references to Benghazi but in 2012 there were only 43…got you!”  and  “why did the ambassador go to Benghazi on a Greek cargo ship?…GREEK?…didn’t you know, Hillary, that Greece was about to default on its credit default swaps in the olive oil markets?…got you!”….well, you know what I mean.  What I mean, for those of you that haven’t guessed, is that this entire exercise is emblematic of the ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ approach to reality by our government officials, our elected representatives.

Again, what I mean is this…forget about rabid partisans on either side who latch onto the tiniest obscurities to try to make a point. But an average non-partisan intelligent viewer of this process might very likely think…”OK, in Benghazi 4 American officials died probably because of some negligence or incompetence on the part of Hillary and the Democratic administration, ok…But during George W Bush’s ill-fated adventure in Iraq FOUR THOUSAND American soldiers were killed because Vice-President Dick Cheney said things like”We go to war with the resources we have, not what we would LIKE to have had” meaning there were no up-armoured Humvees for the troops resulting in a couple thousand killed unnecessarily that way…or anyway how Cheney pushed this war so that his ole oil company Halliburton, and KBR, and Blackwater Security Services, etc etc. could get fat lucrative contracts from the deal. And how SecDef Donald Rumsfeld ignored General Shinseki’s advice about how HALF A MILLION U.S. troops would be needed to secure a disintegrating Iraq…or how the American-installed provisional government under Bremmer disbanded the Iraqi army and engaged in de-Baathification and how that fueled the insurgency. We could go on and on listing the stupidities and gross mistakes of the Bush administration that resulted in FOUR THOUSAND U.S. deaths…but there has never been an investigating committee on the same par and of the same stature and of the same import as the Benghazi Select Committee looking into that, has there?

So an averagely intelligent, average observer of today’s performances can be forgiven for likening it to a person trying to economize on buying cheap groceries, say, thus saving a dollar fifty, and then blowing several hundred dollars on fantasy football. No wonder they are supporting Trump and Carson, because of the gigantic lack of proportion and balance and COMMON-SENSE exhibited by the established political parties on both sides.

Same observation goes for the financial meltdown of 2008. The same average viewer, and there are probably 50 million of them, uncommitted to either party, probably also thinks how ABSURD it is to have expensive and scarce government time and energy focused on crappy little details about who made a telephone call to whom about how many security people, 3 or 6, say, should have been sent at a certain time…WHOOPY!…but these government twerps don’t expend anywhere near as much time and publicity on grilling the Wall Street banksters or the Obama Fannie Mae and Mac government sponsored entity executives to find out in as much detail how all those trillions of dollars of equity and economic potential was lost…guess that ain’t as important as trying to nail Hillary for forgeting to make a phone call at the right time.

Here come Trump and Carson and Bernie Sanders. We deserve it.