Is Obama Stupid Or Deluded In UN Address?

President Obama VERY CLEARLY stated that it was unacceptable to support someone like President Assad of Syria who has been using heinous barrel bombs against his own citizens in Syria’s ongoing civil war. Obama said that the members of the UN (shout out to RUSSIA) that are now coalescing into a new coalition to fight ISIS and Islamist terrorists in Syria must commit to a ‘managed transition’ easing Assad out, soon (eventually?), that will lead to a more representative form of government. Well, what does this mean? With whom does he expect a Russian-led anti-ISIS coalition to negotiate? With 5 guys, maybe 9 guys, in the pathetic Free Syrian Army who recently turned over American-supplied trucks and equipment and ammunition to ISIS in exchange for safe passage inside Syria? Or maybe Obama was referring to the couple dozen or so middle aged twerps sitting in Paris hotels, eating fine food, etc., who occasionally have big conferences on TV opining about the new government they will form in Syria as Russia acquiesces to abandon Assad and invite these old jerks, with the 5, or is it 9, Free Syrian Army guys, who just turned over their equipment, to, please, take over the Syrian government, because…Obama thinks it would be in congruence with his (Obama’s) idealistic view of how things should work out.

Obama isn’t exactly Henry Kissinger in his understanding of how the real world works. When Kissinger was negotiating with Le Duc Tho in 1972 to end the Vietnam War, and Tho and the communist North Vietnamese were stalling, it was only Nixon’s use of B-52 raids on Hanoi, the so-called Christmas bombing, that coerced the North Vietnamese to negotiate more realistically. It was only by using a big stick that the opposing side was persuaded, coerced, into agreeing to a somewhat more balanced deal. (Even though, even back then, Nixon and Kissinger were so eager for a deal that they allowed the North Vietnamese to keep ground combat forces, the NVA or North Vietnamese Army, in significant strength just north of the DMZ, or supposedly Demilitarized Zone, separating pre-war South Vietnam from the North.) And we know how that worked out. As soon as the ‘peace deal’ with North Vietnam was signed and America withdrew the North Vietnamese started using those ground combat forces to increase pressure on the South which quickly ended in the full-scale North Vietnamese invasion and conquest of the South in 1975.

Similarly, today, the U.S. has absolutely NO leverage in Syria, no ability WHATSOEVER to influence Russian action there. So why in the world would Putin even briefly consider the U.S. plan, under Obama, to engage in the ‘managed transition’ to a more democratic government in Syria. Are people in the Obama administration, who must flesh out in policy papers these absurd Obama directives, crazy? stupid?  This stuff will never ever happen. What will happen instead is that Russia and Iran will absolutely flatten everything in their way in ISIS controlled territory in Syria and Iraq (but that can’t be because SURELY Russia and Iran will fight against ISIS in a gentlemanly way, always remembering that, like America, they must be attentive to winning ‘hearts and minds’ and always strive to reduce collateral damage because, well, heck, Samantha Power, the lachrymose (she always looks like she’s crying in her U.N. job) U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. admonished and chastised Russia last year about the innocent people Russian backed Ukrainian rebels killed shooting down that Malaysian airliner and, SURELY, Russia MUST have learned a lesson in the SANCTITY of human life, right there…why, Ms. Power could take a Russian delegation right NOW to a Planned Parenthood clinic and show those darned Russians how America values women and gays and the transgendered…wouldn’t it be so sweet if Putin hugged Caitlyn Jenner and started looking out for all the queer Free Syrian Army guys too and not just IGNORED them…take that you big meany Putin!)…and in the process obliterate any remaining moderate Sunni opposition too…and that will be that, while Obama wrings his hands and shakes his head at the ‘short-sightedness’ of Putin’s policies.

And at the same time, very conveniently for Russia’s long range strategic plans, this violence will create an additional tsunami of displaced refugees (oh, but that can’t be, because we all heard in President Putin’s UN address how it was so AWFUL to have all these refugees ‘burdening Europe’ now, cuz we all know how CONCERNED Putin is about Europe’s welfare) who will be streaming into Europe and undermining European strength and solidarity, oops, shucks, that’s too bad, ha ha ha…and maybe the rising tide of Sunni resentment in the Middle East will foment a regional civil war there that will cause such disorder and turmoil that, oops, the price of oil will skyrocket, and guess who will benefit from that…oh, it CAN’T be Russia cuz Putin just promised in his UN address that Russia wants to transition away from fossil fuels (right, its number one revenue generator) into a ‘green economy’ to fight Russia’s new-found enemy…global warming…aww, shucks, I just get goose bumps about how Russia is now looking out for the GLOBAL GOOD, just like the Pope…ha ha ha….

Oh, one more thing. Lest readers here think I just want to indulge in Obama-bashing he still is better than [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ], say, or many conservative Republicans…for at least one important reason. Most of you would have supported a policy of the U.S. arming the Ukrainian rebels as President Poroshenko was imploring the U.S. to do when he addressed Congress last year…and Obama rejected it. You know why Obama was right? Because at that point Russia would have upped the ante too, Putin would have to save face, and Russia would probably have instituted a no-fly zone over Ukraine preventing any transport planes from flying in any weapons…and Russia would probably have shut down land and rail transport too…and we would have been that much closer to a NATO-Russian war…would you have wanted that? So Obama is sometimes right too, and Syria really is a no-win situation, it’s not Obama’s fault.

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