None Of You Understand The Donald As I Do

You know what (waving an index finger under your nose), lemme tell ya somepin… Trump channels all the negative energy of all da accumulated contradictions of American society of the past 30 years or so. Every time an authority figure, like Erick today at RedState, who disses the Donald by disinviting him…well, his poll numbers just keep increasing…you know why?…because ordinary American voters distrust ANY authority, including RedState, and they enjoy seeing the Donald spit in the collective faces of ALL authority. That’s where we’re at folks.

This is really an amazing cultural phenomenon, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Look at American popular culture since the 1970s, when it became cool and chic to use vulgar language in the movies, and create persistent myths about the betrayal of American heroes as in the Rambo movies, and cultivate cynicism and mock traditional values as in the Wall Street movie of 1987…that long ago, 1987…and combined with cynical rap music, and mainstreaming vulgarity…and don’t forget, the incredible PROLIFERATION of pornography, to the point where liberal critics of conservatives could rightly assert that, starting in the early 80s, there was a pornography outlet across the street from every church, and that the pornography industry actually fueled the construction and financing of the Internet, and that with media icons like the filthy Howard Stern, the Simpsons, Beavis and Butthead, etc. etc.,….that today we should be SURPRISED that Trump’s attitude and behavior should be met with more and more approval by the rank and file of the American public…well, we really are fools aren’t we, to be so surprised by all this.

For heaven’s sake, we’ve been asking for it. Since we allowed the culture to coarsen and degrade we are now paying the price for it. There is no longer any separation between the collective vulgarity of postmodern American culture and today’s so-called serious politics. In other words, there is no more serious politics. When Trump can unashamedly refer to Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle…oh, gasp, oh, I’m gonna faint at the horror of it…most of the American public  couldn’t care less. Most of the American public has been exposed to the crudity and vulgarity of group sex, beach sex, girls gone wild on spring break in Daytona, cougar sex with younger men, BDSM sex, lesbian and threesome sex, etc. ad nauseam, for a couple of decades now. It’s all been normalized folks, so Trump gets a pass and a hohum for slamming Megyn Kelly…and the majority is NOT outraged.

And another funny thing.  All the women talking heads I’ve seen on this subject, from FOX News to CNN, etc., you know something…the women, all accomplished and professional…they’re all smiling and giggling and tittering when they discuss this subject. They’re all acting like HIGH SCHOOL girls who are excited by the brash, vulgar star quarterback. They’re not really outraged, they’re…let’s be honest…they’re at least intrigued by Trump’s unabashed, naked, primal, caveman sexuality. The truth is that many professional, successful women in America are fed up with all the limp-wristed metrosexual liberal males who can’t make any decisions and are feckless and ineffectual and inert in everyday life. During the Thursday night debate even Megyn’s eyes were shining and bright as the Donald slammed into her. What most women crave is raw masculinity, and because liberal ideology has destroyed that over the last 30 plus years, only a brash boorish badboy like the Donald, with no shame or civility, can rouse American women into shameless, animalistic reactions.  We deserve it all, ha ha ha.

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