So Why Aren't You Worried About Climate Change?

If you read the scientific stuff, like the journals Nature and Science, etc., then you will be faced with all the scientific research that has been contributing to the consensus opinion that greenhouse warming has been triggered by human activity in the world, the so-called anthropogenic greenhouse effect. I’ve been reading this stuff for years and I don’t think there is some loony leftist conspiracy at work here, falsifying the data, etc. but nevertheless I DON’T support the strident progressive calls for radical policy changes, such as taxing carbon and restructuring the economy, etc., that the Left maintains are essential to tackle the problem. I’m like many conservatives who are open-minded and educated, familiar with non-politicized scientific research that started happening back in the 70s when no Lefties could possibly have imagined that this issue would become so polarizing, so I accept the veracity of the research…but I still will continue to resist the policy prescriptions for its amelioration, such as reducing coal use, etc.

Now, you might ask, how can I justify such a position? Well, very simply, I am a victim of my human nature, like everybody else. What matters to me is NOT my struggling and laboring education in these abstruse fields of climatology, and paleo-climatology, and atmospheric physics, etc., that you all can see summarized in a pretty decent way on PBS science shows like NOVA, etc.,…no, I have no problem with those sincere endeavors to communicate scientific thinking and findings to the general public…but what I can’t stand is the rampant HYPOCRISY of public figures identified with the crusade to reverse anthropogenic climate change by instituting a radical transformation of the global economy, by eliminating fossil fuel use in favor of expensive ‘green energy’, etc., who at the same time themselves live luxurious lifestyles that are beyond the reach of the vast masses whose energy prices would skyrocket under their prescriptions. Like the bloated toad Al Gore with his palatial houses that consume huge amounts of electricity and who has made a career from lecturing the American rank and file on the absolute need for radical change, the pompous blowhard…or the movie actor Leonardo Dicaprio who pedantically lectures the global public from the U.N. podium on how much of an emergency all this is, how we all must accept a simpler, less materialistic lifestyle in the future, and meanwhile the little twerp know-nothing jets off all around the world and vacations on gigantic luxury yachts, as just one example of his profligacy, while the rest of us are supposed to eat unheated cans of beans and live in unheated log cabins in order to ‘Save The Planet’. Ha ha ha.  It’s just like that little gnome bastard Vladimir Putin, the half-pint President of Russia, who complains about the decadence and perversity and exploitation, etc. of America and the West, but then the hypocritical bastard amasses billions of dollars of profit, from the very economic and organizational activities of the West that he so disparages, and he hijacks it all for his personal use, something orders of magnitude far more grotesque and hypocritical than the compensation packages for our American corporate leaders and CEOs.

You see, conservatives are normal people who understand that what’s important in life is NOT what people say, but what they DO. Liberals just care about fancy rhetoric, as in the case of Obama, a perfect example, where the man actually THINKS that the exact phraseology on a policy subject matters more than the common sense human interpretations of the intent and motivations and predispositions of all the principals involved, etc.

That’s why nothing will change, even if objective and dispassionate analysis confirmed the veracity of the climate change activists’ scientific facts. It’s not ‘science’ that matters, it’s the behavior of the proponents for ‘progressive change’ who thunder sanctimoniously from their podia, thinking they’re being profound, while their own grotesquely materialistic personal lifestyles send the unmistakeable message of HYPOCRISY to all of the common sense listeners being blasted by all their huffing and puffing.

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