So Who Cares If Babies Get Crushed

One of the benefits (drawbacks?) of having a liberal wife and talking to her idiot liberal friends is that I can find out how they really think about controversial subjects like the Planned Parenthood baby crushing program. As conservatives you all are not only outraged by what’s been happening, you also can’t understand the lack of any outrage or concern by the liberals about this, like when Senate Minority Leader Harry (I have a blackeye) Reid recently defended it when he said they were contributing to medical research, etc.  And most liberals will just keep quiet on the issue anyway and hope it blows away.

Well, how come? Don’t they have any human feelings? Are they all monsters? I’ll tell you what they say in response, so here goes. They will say, when pushed, because they would rather ignore the subject, that conservatives are indulging in selective indignation. Where is the outrage, they will say, when 100,000 or so innocent Iraqi civilians were killed and maimed and ‘crushed’ by the U.S. military in collateral damage in the invasion of Iraq, which, in their heartfelt opinion, was a serious mistake and was perpetrated by Dick Cheney and the neocons just to impose American domination over the Middle East and make money for corporations like Cheney’s Halliburton, etc.  Huh? And they will start getting all huffy and indignant making this response to the relatively minor baby crushing by Planned Parenthood. Conservatives might think that liberals would be proud of their rationalization and so talk more openly about this but even they are aware that the argument can be made against them that “two wrongs don’t make a right” so they will just dummy up about how they think and wait for it all to blow over.

But now you can see their response, in which they fervently believe. They will wax indignant over the complete lack of any outrage over the callous and unnecessary killing and maiming and destruction of innocent Arab lives by America, because all this kind of killing America does is supposedly in pursuit of a good cause, and so of course, in the eyes of the conservatives it’s excusable, but crushing babies in the pursuit of their, the liberals’, good cause, defending pro-choice rights in the face of any opposition, which they believe in as equally fervently as the most extreme conservatives believe in the propriety of the Iraq war and pursuing all the other military actions throughout the world, as in Afghanistan, that have exacted many civilian deaths also…well, the liberals say that the outrage of conservatives in response to liberals’ pursuit of their own good cause is, 1) hypocritical, because it only values the lives of unborn babies and overlooks the lives of already living people such as the Iraqi, etc. adult and infant civilians who have become casualties as a result of American action, and 2) amounts to the kind of blind ‘selective indignation’ that gets all worked up when a photogenic middle-class white person like Kate Steinle is killed by an illegal immigrant but doesn’t value the lives of all the Mexican women, for example, that are killed by drug lords that America finances by the selfish and corrupt drug use here, by many Americans, that is facilitated by the money laundering of the drug lords’ money by corrupt American banks that are RUN by conservatives!  And the litany of complaints goes on from here into many another harangue.

So, I’m just writing this to explain to conservatives here what kind of thinking lies behind the glaring incapacity of liberals to be outraged by the Planned Parenthood revelations, or the killing of Americans by illegal immigrants, and a whole host of other seemingly inexplicable liberal attitudes. So now you know, so now you can work on a rebuttal.

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