How Obama Was Elected In The First Place

Take your mind back to early 2008, think of the Democrat Iowa caucus of that year. Obama woos the crowds of solid, stolid responsible Iowa farmers, suburbanites, and ordinary workers, 99% of whom are white. This was the start of his meteoric rise, beating Hillary, and building that Big Mo that would sweep the nation in an epileptic fit of Obamamania. How did this happen?  He was just an unknown first term Illinois Senator, with no legislative accomplishments, no name recognition…but he had ONE extremely valuable asset that his wily political advisor David Axelrod understood very well would be irresistible to a disillusioned white electorate…he was, and is, an articulate, educated, CIVIL black man.  And in the collective psyche of the country, including the lily-white Iowa electorate, those qualities of education and civility that Obama was presenting to the public was like catnip or crack cocaine for two or three generations of white Americans who were alienated and intimidated by the Super Fly black power, Black Panther, and hip hopping black masses filled with rage and constant accusations against whites.

In 2008, besides Hillary, there were literally dozens of white Democrat office-holders who were just as educated and articulate as Obama, and who had more experience than Obama, but Axelrod and the Democrat strategists knew that his civil, articulate, non-threatening BLACKNESS was their ace in the hole, which would automatically confer superstar status on Obama, almost overnight. How else can you explain why he mesmerized the gullible public who have been programmed by pop culture to view blacks and blackness as inherently ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ when contrasted to boring white society. The whites smitten with Obama were psychologically primed to bend over backwards for, at last, a decent, civil, educated black man and were thrilled that here was a black man who didn’t threaten them, or scare them, or make them feel guilty, like the black underclass was always making them feel…and he was articulate, educated, reasonable, so, glory be, he would be their SAVIOR.

It was the most phenomenal instance of deep ‘reverse racism’ at work that could be imagined, and it’s what the perceptive Democrat strategists saw early on, in 2007, when they hatched their plan to push Obama forward. And they were right, it worked.  Chris Matthews, Of MSNBC’s Hardball (the only MSNBC show worth watching, to see how liberals think) famously got a “shiver up his leg” the first time he saw Obama orating. And the schoolboy crush infected enough moderates and independents to sweep Obama into office.  It was just as Shelby Steele, a middle of the road African-American author, said in his book “The Good Negro”, that white America was pining after, salivating after, good Negroes that they could shower with praise and rewards and accolades, good Negroes that were at least moderates that could be reasonably supported by sensitive, open-minded whites…not rabid conservatives such as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, anathema to the tidal wave of whites who voted for Obama.

And Obama also tapped into the “Magic Negro” effect. The magic Negro idea was postulated by Spike Lee, the liberal black film-maker, who feels that white America, as expressed in many movies, had and has a secret penchant for thinking that good, decent, photogenic Negroes can save white America from its own stupidity and corruption. Just like Sydney Poitier saved that benighted Mississippi town in the mid-60s from its fallen state in the movie ‘In The Heat Of The Night’, remember?  And nice Danny Glover saved the suicidal cop played by Mel Gibson in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movies. This is the cultural phenomenon of the ‘black buddy’ movies that Hollywood has been making for years, as explained in a Harper’s Magazine article that you can look up from years ago.

Likewise Obama was expected by these infatuated whites to save them from the financial meltdown and recession of 2008 that nasty, greedy white businessmen and Wall Street banksters (bank gangsters) had perpetrated, and that only a virtuous black man could remedy, and usher in a rainbow utopia for the nation. That was the prevalent psychology of the time, remember? But, it’s all in keeping with the march of history. As I said in my ‘Why Progressives Don’t Want A Secure America’ post, when a nation becomes decadent and corrupt, and is declining, there is often a movement to look outside the ranks of the traditional elites, who have made a muddle of things, and latch onto the purported purity and right-mindedness of previously excluded minorities, and intelligent, productive blacks, and, as an aside, gays too, in America fill that niche perfectly. The ideal would be a blind black lesbian in a wheelchair who would deliver the State of the Union addresses using braille, but I digress. I don’t know if this psychological trend has burned itself out by now, maybe these are different times, and today a growing number of whites will latch onto the anti-Obama, the disgruntled blowhard Trump, who, if he was just only black, would be scaring the electorate instead of energizing it. Go figure.

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