Ann Romney Faked MS To Get More White Privilege

Right folks, now you know…rich white people continue to be targets for outraged white progressives who just can’t stand it anymore…how dare Ann Romney, with all those millions of Mormon bucks in her Depends panties, DARE to try to curry sympathy from minimum wage Walmart and Burger King fast food workers…and all the inner city bruddas and sistahs of color too!  That’s what all this attack dog reaction from the progressive left to Ann Romney’s narrative of personal travail of suffering from multiple sclerosis is all about. Doesn’t anybody understand class warfare when you see it? Is all this such a big surprise?

I watched Megyn Kelly tonight with some blonde bombshell meteorologist from FOX News, who also suffers from MS, talking tonite about what happened to Ann Romney, and these two sexy fast talking Fox blondes had NO IDEA how come there are all these nasty people out there smashing Ann Romney, and the blonde FOX meteorologist, who suffers from MS too, just ‘didn’t understand’ what was going on.  Hey, WAKE UP you gorgeous blondes of privilege…the vast oozing amoeba-like rainbow coalition of white self-flagellating progressives and transgendered homunculi, and activists of coffee color, and metrosexuals and catamites and pedophiles, etc.,….they HATE these gorgeous FOX blondes and would BURN them at a progressive ‘Stake of Racial/Colonial People’s Reconciliation’ auto da fe, if they could steal the matches from an actual working business. I’m surprised that Megyn and guest couldn’t put their fingers on the issue at hand, they must be slipping.

Oh well, on a side note, the Donald seems to be brushing off the expected fallout from his dissing of [mc_name name=’Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000303′ ], and all veterans generally. Just goes to show how despicable and disconnected even the angry rank and file GOP base is these days. Even they don’t give a hoot for the ‘Wounded Warriors’ and honorable veterans, just like those DEA workers who slammed servicemen who took a leave of absence from the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) to serve their country militarily in Iraq/Afghanistan…because it increased the workload for the stay at home DEA workers.  No one these days is immune from the decadence, disrespect and common human INdecency that have permeated American popular culture, and more importantly, that have animated and informed the MBA and Wall Street business culture that disposes of American workers with nary a care for their welfare or the future of the country.  This is the culture we have made folks, it’s been a long time a-coming, but it’s here now…a ‘show me the money’ and ‘ef you very much’ culture that has poisoned even the most outwardly supposedly solid and respectable Red State families and communities.  Even the growth of the Internet has been fueled by pornography and there’s an old adage that for every church on the street corners of Red State towns and cities there has been a pornography outlet or strip joint, or Hooters, etc., that feeds the lust and self centered fallen human nature of us all.  Repent ye of little faith…oh, what the heck, I’m gonna git me another cool one and sign up on Ashley Madison to cheat on my wife…wait a minute, that was hacked, maybe I’ll just pop some Oxycontin like Rush Limbaugh, my back really hurts, waughh…(wink)…

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