Not All Black Lives Matter, Let's Get Real

I’m watching the Sunday morning talking heads and I just saw Donna Brazil, the Democratic consultant, talking about this festering issue in the American polity, the constantly recurring meme and cliche of  “all black lives matter” and all of those platitudes surrounding race. Look, her life matters because she is a responsible productive person and being African American has NOTHING to do with her value. There are millions of African Americans whose lives “matter” to our society, from Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, et al on the right to Colin Powell, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Tavis Smiley and Gwyn Ifil from PBS, even Oprah Winfrey, and all those other guys and gals on the left.  But, let’s not kid ourselves, the lives of black punk gang bangers, and unfortunately there are millions of those too, from Trayvon Martin to Mike Brown, the gorilla thug of Ferguson, Missouri…their lives DON’T matter.  The problem with the Left is that it can’t make important, relevant distinctions as to the intrinsic worth of a person, and so, in leftist ideology, all the low life miscreants in the black underclass supposedly are of equal worth with all of those civil, articulate educated blacks that we see all the time on T.V., like that lawyer Joey Jackson on CNN, or the leftist professor Marc Lamont Hill, or even the ultra leftist Professor Cornel West from Princeton.

This is the way most white Middle Americans feel, and it is NOT racist, it’s just COMMON SENSE. And there are many low life white punks too of course, like the Charleston shooter, that punk Dyllan Roof, and all those types, whose lives are as worthless as the black punks’ lives. But we can’t say that in our society because it’s too explosive. This is because of our collective STUPIDITY. I guess the fear is that this kind of sensible, open kind of dialogue can possibly somehow stimulate and legitimize some kind of racism in some idiot low life whites, but that’s not a good enough reason to act as if all black lives matter, equally, which we all know is nonsense.

One of the great benefits of taking an intelligent, common sense point of view on this subject is that the baseless canard of ‘white privilege’ would soon be exploded. If we had the courage to make distinctions of VALUE among members of the black community, and simultaneously condemn the white-trash punks also with equal vigor, then the supposed ‘structural’ racism that still might exist, more or less, in statistics such as disproportionately more traffic stops by police of black drivers, such as a Ben Carson, would diminish as the new mentality sinks into the consciousness of the police and they internalize the fundamental importance of CLASS, as indicated by comportment, demeanor, articulate communication, etc. of a person rather than use the proxy of race to immediately jump to a pre-conceived conclusion, in the relatively small number of cases where police officers might be predisposed to simply look at race alone at this time.

This kind of sensible thinking, however, is beyond Hollywood’s collective imagination. In their anti-racism movie from years ago, ‘American History X’, Hollywood portrays the white supremacist punk protagonist of the movie as being converted away from his racist views by being exposed in prison to a ‘nice’ black underclass criminal. Jeezus! What garbage. If they showed Edward Norton, the white punk, being converted away from racism by interacting with higher class blacks then it would make sense.  But Hollywood insists on romanticizing lower and lowest class black behavior, as portrayed in the Super Fly movies of the 70s, to the ‘Boyz ‘N the ‘Hood’ movies of the 90s, to the subversive ‘Pulp Fiction’ in recent times, along with all the misogynistic, violent rap, and all the other garbage, like the ultra-violent first-person shooter computer games like that car-jacking one, Grand Theft Auto. And then the liberal elites insist that ALL the dysfunctional black lives glamorized in all these destructive venues MATTER. So here is the crux of the matter. The bleeding heart liberals love to self-flagellate and so we have these archetypes of the diehard liberal teacher or social worker or community/business leader who is bending over backwards in front of the onslaughts of the black gangbangers because the liberals think that with just a bit more effort on their side that they will ‘get through’ the thick criminal skulls of the gangbangers and turn them into wonderful people, after they have killed, maimed, and turned their communities upside down for many years.  Ha ha ha!  Get real.  Middle America has to say GET LOST to this kind of propaganda and illogical ideology and continue making common sense distinctions.

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