Conservatives Will Win Everything...Politically, Socially...But It Will Be A Bitch

I know everyone here is exasperated, with the Iran deal, the inability to fight the Islamic jihadists, the adulation of illegal immigrants at the expense of American citizens, the inability to secure the borders, the Orwellian thought police mentality of liberals that imposes the ethos of self-censorship on ordinary people with trepidations about our collective trajectory, the rising demographic tide of the brown and black liberal/progressive minions who vote Democrat…all of which is abetted by the numbing groupthink of political correctness fostered by the elites, the education system and Hollywood infotainment and the New York Times, etc…but, rest assured, all of this is coming to a crashing end…soon.  It won’t be a financial collapse, or Ebola, or anything apocalyptic.  But it will be a larger scale terrorist attack. Guaranteed (Guaranteed that the Islamo-fascists will at least try to do this and we will be extraordinarily lucky if they can be interdicted in the nick of time, either by internal betrayal, or a sloppy mistake, etc.).

The Jihadi terrorists in the Middle East are in possession of many hundreds, perhaps a couple of thousand, man portable, shoulder fired surface to air missile systems. They captured these, in Libya from the Qadaffi regime, and in Syria from the Assad regime, and in Iraq from the Baghdad regime (along with 2200 Humvees, which I still can’t believe, that must be a typo, it must only be 220, not 2,200, but, who knows?)  So they have a mix of Russian supplied and American supplied deadly weaponry. And from ISIS point of view it’s imperative to use some of those MANPAD anti-aircraft missiles to shoot down American passenger jets.  Who in his right mind doesn’t think that ISIS or Al-Qaeda’s top priority is to inflict maximum damage on America, to score a tremendous propaganda and political victory which will draw in many more recruits/volunteers and hopefully, from their perspective, draw America into a ground war in Iraq/Syria and also provoke a more vigorous U.S. bombing campaign there which will increase collateral damage thus pushing otherwise moderate Sunnis to side with the Jihadis against America.  It is ISIS’ ‘FUNDAMENTAL STRATEGIC PLAN’ to increase its chances for victory…otherwise they risk being gradually ground down, and with nothing to show for it, in the present prolonged back and forth ground fighting, in Kobani, in Ramadi, and in all these other places I never heard of before these wretched times.

So, right now, they are probably trying to smuggle some of these missiles, with their best non-Jihadi looking agents (so as to avoid suspicion and interdiction as much as possible), into the soft spots where American airliners fly, such as the poorer countries of Europe (I’m talking about you, Greece, and the Balkans, where security is lax and the authorities are bribable), and what’s true for the poorer parts of Europe, and Turkey, goes triple for African countries where American airliners fly, so, soon, we will be presented with the shoot down of hundreds of American citizens on an airplane or airplanes in one of these God-forsaken places.

And this crisis will not be just a one-off event, like 9/11. It will be ongoing and critically impact civil aviation as the airline companies scramble to install anti-missile defense systems, a very costly and protracted exercise. Meanwhile the airline companies will be severely hit by drastically lower passenger bookings, and many destination restrictions imposed by the government, and the financial impact will ripple out through the entire American and global economies. ISIS leaders understand the tremendous leverage they have…for the investment of just a hundred thousand dollars or so in organizing a shootdown (establishing one or two secure smuggling networks with a fake export/import company or transportation company, or maybe just buying a transport/vegetable delivery truck, paying off Turkish customs inspectors to whom it will be leaked that it’s, for example, just porno tapes or archaeological artifacts being smuggled, whatever) they will cause hundreds of billions of dollars of damage, and continuing growing world-wide fear. It will be the Wimbledon of asymmetric warfare. And throughout this process  Obama and the progressive agenda will be shredded and swallowed up in the floodtide of Middle America’s rising outrage.

So, as awful as it is, ISIS and these Jihadis will stimulate a conservative political victory and victories, in many spheres of life, as America gets really scared again and seeks refuge in traditional ways of life and behavior and thinking. At least a majority of Americans will respond that way and liberal/progressives will be marginalized. Just as it took that punk kid in Charleston, South Carolina massacring the black church goers to set into motion the political/social forces that removed the Confederate flag so will the next wave of higher tier terrorism against Americans usher in a conservative resurgence.  What a bitch life is, huh?


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