The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s hard to imagine there could be anything more Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the “hair hero” of the New York Times, would have to say to undermine her credibility and make her look more foolish than she already has.

Recall, this is the woman who said Republicans are “anti-woman” and wish to bring back Jim Crow laws. She lied about a Republican Medicare proposal, and as the proud owner of a Japanese-made vehicle accused Republicans of wanting to eliminate all American-made cars. I could go on, but I will take neither the time nor the space to repeat what most of you have probably already heard or seen.

She was on “Meet the Press” with Norah O’Donnell last weekend, where she gave her take on Obama and on the Republican field. As usual, she did not fail to deliver.

I was unable to find a clip that I could embed, but you can see it here.

Her first claim, in defense of Obama, was that he “took on the health insurance industry.” This was in reference to the Obamacare legislation that the insurance industry, in large part, lobbied FOR. I’m sure giving them millions of new customers and taxpayer money (and waivers from the rules “favored” insurers did not like) really showed them!

Then she said Obama has helped “begin to get the economy turned around,” an assertion Norah O’Donnell challenged. Debbie’s response naturally was to whine about how Obama inherited it, and it was all Bush’s fault.

Yet just two months ago, she enthusiastically claimed responsibility for the economy on behalf of her party!

But that’s nothing compared to what came next. O’Donnell pointed out Obama’s declining approval ratings, and Debbie not surprisingly responded that Obama “is still in remarkably good shape,” while continuing to emphasize the recession “he inherited.” I’m not sure if she was aware she was saying this the same day Gallup came out with Obama’s lowest approval rating yet.

I’m not sure if she thinks her frequent use of the adverb “so” to describe Republicans really makes her case any stronger; it actually makes her seem even less serious to a general audience if that is at all possible. She concluded with her assessment of the Republican field so far, claiming “They are all so similar they might as well be Legos, they’re that interchangeable.” I’d be surprised if even most Democrats agreed with that, but given the Democrats’ definition of “diversity,” she makes the perfect case yet again that people in glass houses should not throw stones.

Some liberals were trying to get that message out to her at a speech she gave at the Iowa State Fair. One heckler called for her to “stop caving to Wall Street” and complained that “Obama put Medicare on the chopping block” among other rants I could not make out. She then shouted, “We have an example of a division in this country, and the division in this country needs to end.” Such a response would just prove that point, no? As this article from the American Spectator points out, it seems there was more than one liberal there ready to prove her wrong, again complaining of the debt ceiling deal that seems to have gotten quite a few Democrats’ panties in a wad.

I look forward to seeing and hearing more from her before the elections, and I hope more voters come to know her. As many other conservatives have said, she truly is the gift that keeps on giving.