US Patent and Trade Office: Don't "disparage" Made in China

I suppose the majority of people don’t really care, but I know I don’t want to eat anything or take any drugs made in China. I’m sure the reasons are obvious; it’s something I take quite seriously myself. It has not been easy. It requires a lot of research, and it requires avoiding many foods and medications; but it has been worth the efforts and sacrifices for me.

As I was recently looking around at different vitamin supplements, one in particular piqued my interest. It’s called Opurity, and it advertises itself as “China-free.” That was quite amazing considering China has a near monopoly on many or most vitamins.

The makers of the supplement, ProSynthesis Laboratories, sought to register their “China Free” logo with the US Patent Office; but they ran into a little problem when their application was denied. According to the PTO, the trademark was “disparaging” and “promoted a stereotype that all Chinese manufacturers make poor quality goods.”

It seems quite ironic for an agency charged with defending patents and trademarks to defend a country whose very culture is defined by counterfeiting and indeed “poor quality goods.” Of course with today’s “multiculturalism,” anything goes – except traditional American culture.

The feds seem to have warmed to China and its “economic wonders” more and more over the years.

They have legislated to that effect with the lobbying efforts of large corporations who simply move to China to avoid the very legislation for which they lobbied. It was under Clinton the US saw the permanent and so-called “normal” trade relations with the Communist regime. We’ve since seen the light bulb ban and other “energy-efficient” mandates throw yet more economic demand China’s way. What better way to “go green” than to outsource to manufacturers who don’t care about the environment and cannot breathe their own air!

Why should it be a surprise the FDA seemed more concerned about American-made Tylenol and peanut butter than they did the Chinese-made heparin a couple years earlier, the one that people actually had serious health problems and DIED from. And of course no one dare criticize the Chinese-made abortion pill pushed through by the Clinton administration that has injured and killed both women and children around the world. Tylenol is a rarity. Most OTC pain relievers, including Advil and Aspirin, are made in China.

And while Homeland Security was cooking up plans to virtually strip search innocent Americans, they totally ignore calls to monitor the Chinese-made fluoride that is tainting several city water supplies.

No doubt I could find countless ways the Democrats and elitists in Washington are ignoring or praising China while focusing criticism towards Americans who pose far less danger overall.

ProSynthesis Laboratories claimed that it will appeal the PTO decision. Given the political climate in the federal government and judiciary, I doubt that appeal will succeed. Better to protect a culture of counterfeit (along with the wealthy and ignorant Hollywood campaign supporters) than to protect the intellectual property of an American small business concerned with keeping people safe and healthy.

For now, at least we have a place to go for safe vitamin supplements.