Have Senators Brownback and Pat Roberts Turned Pro-Abortion?

It seems ironic to write about two of the Senate’s most vocal advocates for defending the unborn, but the release of this statement has seriously eroded their credibility on the matter.


Obama recently nominated Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius to the office of “Health and Human Services.” This evil woman has time and time again provided cover for third trimester abortionist George Tiller. That it can even be called an “abortion” at that stage (or really even the second trimester) is reprehensible.


Tiller is a very active and vocal $upporter of hers, and she returns the favor. Sebelius was recently spotted hosting an extravagant dinner with him. She has vetoed legislation that would have required the reporting of reasons for third trimester abortions. She has also vetoed safety regulations for facilities that offer abortions. As people were reminded in her reelection campaign, the regulations would have kept cockroaches from infesting the abortion centers. Indeed Sebelius cares more about cockroaches than human beings.


These are not the kinds of things that reasonable people “disagree” over, as the media would have readers believe. It is common sense regulation! We should not expect that any Obama nominee would be pro-life, but Sebelius has a record of activism that is beyond the pale. At least the previous nominee, Tom Daschle, opposed partial birth abortion.


The office for which Obama has appointed Sebelius will be very influential in setting a big new “health care” agenda. As we know, Democrats like Obama and Sebelius promote abortion under the guise of “health care,” so this does not bode well, particularly with the radical new policies that are to be adopted. First we get rationing of health care to kill off the older generation; now we kill off the younger generation. In truth, this makes it about “death” rather than “health.”


Kansas Senator Sam Brownback has long been among the Senate’s strongest advocate for the unborn. Pat Roberts also has a strong pro-life record. However, that has now changed with the release of their statement of praise. It begins,

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts and U.S. Senator Sam Brownback today congratulated Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius on her nomination by President Obama to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Why? How can they be so congratulatory to someone this bent on killing and physically torturing innocent human beings?


It goes on:

It’s an honor for the State of Kansas to have an elected official appointed to the president’s cabinet. We are hopeful Governor Sebelius will be a voice for Kansas and rural America at the Department.

Do Brownback and Roberts not know whom they are dealing with?! How can it be an “honor” to have this sadist in such a position where she will be able to advance her radical pro-abortion and pro-infanticide agenda? Their “hope” is as unrealistic and delusional as the zombies who voted for Obama for that reason alone.


But just when you think it couldn’t get worse:

Obviously we will have different viewpoints than the Administration on many issues including health care reform especially given the huge price tag. We have real concerns about the president’s budget which includes an additional $634 billion for a health care ‘reserve fund’ which is made up of tax increases and major cuts to programs critical to Kansas seniors.

So those are the only “different viewpoints” worth noting? No mention of her support for Tiller and her opposition to any limits on any abortion at any stage, even if it is to protect the women seeking them? No mention of the attempts she will make to insert it into the new “health care” plan? No mention of a dead baby in every pot and a cockroach in every abortion facility?


This should be a major disappointment to any pro-life supporter of Brownback or Roberts, and I hope Kansans will take note and call their offices. This kind of support is simply unacceptable for anyone who considers himself or herself to be pro-life. There is no reason ANY Republican in the Senate (other than Specolsnowe) to praise, let alone vote to confirm, this woman. In the office where they are perhaps the most relevant, her positions on human life are not only unacceptable but radical and out of the mainstream.


With Sebelius at the helm, this office will respect neither health nor humans and will become that of Death and Cockroach Services.