The Palin Bashing Must Stop

Much has been aired about Sara Palin. She is supposedly a diva, who shops too much, is not ready on time, does not take direction, and throws temper tantrums.I don’t care if ANY of this is true or not. Whoever is leaking this has GOT TO STOP NOW.

Let’s not give the media or far left liberals anymore ammunition okay? Perhaps there were some internal issues where Palin is concerned, but let’s keep them internal.

It sounds like some of the campaign staff are trying to pass blame, because there has been some negatives come out suggesting the campaign advisors lost this election for McCain. But, we all know, in the end, it is the candidate who decides to listen to bad advice. In the end, the candidate is the one who lost.

So for anyone spreading rumors whether true or not about Palin as the VP candidate, STOP. It is time to rebuild and reload the GOP. It is time to get ready to put viable candidates up for election in two years. Smearing Palin is not going to help that cause.