Red Ties v. Blue Ties

Watching Fox News last night, I noticed something very interesting. Almost every male reporter/anchor wore a red tie. By almost, I can honestly say, every SINGLE one that I saw during election coverage, was in fact wearing a red tie.This got me to wondering how the numbers would stack up from the other networks.
ABC and CBS both were about 50/50 on red ties and blue ties.So, I thought my theory that conservatives were purposely wearing red ties, meaning liberals would be wearing blue ties was not backed by any evidence.

I finally checked NBC…where every male reporter/anchor had on a blue tie. MSNBC had more wearing blue than red…Olberman by the way was wearing pink.

I have no problem with MSNBC being skewed toward liberals, as Fox (even though they tend to show more balanced coverage) may be skewed toward conservatives. However, major networks like NBC should be totally non-opinionated on any such matters, or should at least show no opinion. You can say that a Fox or a MSNBC is more pundentry, less journalism. But major non-cable networks are suppose to serve as a journalistic news outlet and should show no bias. NBC fails there job based on my red tie/blue tie theory.