It Is A Proud Day

While I wore all black today, representing the mourning of my great country. A country that has been the strongest, the best example, of what a capitalist free-market country can be, I mourn for the possible socialist policies ahead. Of most concern to me is socialized health care. This probably is closer to my heart than to some as my husband will be a doctor in about six months, so I have to wonder what our future looks like.I am also concerned for the oppression of freedom of speech, ironically called the fairness doctrine. And, of course I worry about taxes, government growth, etc.

But, I have to say it is a historic day. I heard a story on Fox News this morning, where a black mother stopped her child in the street heading over to Obama’s victory rally. She stopped and looked at her child and said, “do you realize what just happened?”. This is a historic day for the black people of America.

I see America as a fair country, where hard work always pays off no matter the color of your skin. But, I am not black. I was not raised in a black home. I may not understand the chip that still exists on some black people’s shoulders, but I do recognize the moment in history I just witnessed. For the black people who needed to see a black family in the white house, to make them see that America is the greatest country in the world. For the black people who needed to see this happen to realize that anything is possible no matter the color of your skin. I am proud. We witnessed a remarkable piece of history last night.

I may not agree with the voting of a man based on his skin tone. I may not agree with Obama’s views. I may not agree with the lady who said, “I am voting Obama because I won’t have to pay my mortgage or put gas in my car” and I believe that is a very bad view on life. But, I will take a break from my mourning for just a moment to be proud of Barrack Obama.

Okay, back to mourning now.