On Transparency

I am in utter shock when it comes to how well Obama is doing. I have said on RedState before, that I get the young voters. They are naive and are likely in college or right out of, and have thoughts of sugar plum fairies still dancing in their heads in the form of naivity and/or ideology. So, I give a bit of a pass to those 18-24 for being ignorant. Not to mention they are the generation that has grown up in the world of MTV (the CEO made the comment “we don’t have to market to our demo, we own their lives”) youtube, facebook, etc.
I cannot for the life of me though understand, in a country where 85% of Americans fall right-of-center on major issues, Barack Obama can be doing well at all. I could go on about how if he wins it will be the (to borrow from President Clinton) the biggest fairytale. But, this is not really about how the corrupt political machine and the American media created a candidate, this is about a little thing called transparency.

I have questions that I would like the American people to answer for me.

Why would a man running for POTUS have his birth certificate sealed?

Why would a man running for POTUS, accepting MILIONS of dollars in contributions not release his donor list?

Why would a man running for POTUS not release his medical records?

Why would a man running for POTUS not filter his campaign contributions, meaning he can take money from people that don’t actually exist, then meaning money could be coming from terrorists, people could be going over the campaign contribution cap, etc?

Why would a man running for POTUS be a member of a board co-founded by an openly unrepentent American terrorist? Why would he progressively tell 4 different stories about that relationship; “I just live in the same neighborhood”, (then when further info comes out) “We live in the same area and have sat on a board together”, (OOPS more info comes out) “We sat on a board together and have attended some of the same functions” (OH MORE INFO) you get the idea?

Why would a man running for POTUS sit down to dinner with a man like Khalidi who recently stated that 9/11 was a “godsend”?

Individually, these things may not mean much. But, together you have progressive line of incidents that if nothing else should make you question who this man really is.

Obama and McCain are both CANDIDATES INTERVIEWING for the same JOB. As an interviewee it is their duty to put in front of the interviewer (that would be us) a resume, references, and well-documented evidence of his work history; showing progressively greater responsibilities coming from continued success.

His resume is shady at best, he has no references (actually he does, he just does not want us calling them; Ayers, Rezko, Khalidi, Wright….) and looking at his past work history what are his successes.

In the running for President transparency is crucial, how else can the interviewer know who he/she is hiring? Throughout his campaign, Obama has made transparency an important issue, promising a transparent government when he is in office. But if he cannot be transparent in his campaigning, how can we know he will be transparent in office?

We can’t.

No matter what type of President who may make, he has not done his job throughout the interview process to be considered for employment. He may have been articulate in the actual interview, but lack of transparency has made him ineligible for this job.

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