My Problem With Hate Crimes

I am sure this was covered at RedState.com. I have not seen anything on it here though, so regardless I will throw out my $.02A Palin-ish statue is seen hanging from someone’s home. Several people call to complain to the local authorities, some even mention a possible “hate crime”. Law enforcement has stated that while the Halloween scene may be in bad taste, it does not constitute a hate crime.

So my question is, and has been for many years, what really constitutes a hate crime? Why should one hateful crime be treated any differently from another hateful crime?

A husband beating his wife…pretty full of hate. Someone beating their dog…pretty full of hate. And, btw I am one of those crazy animal lovers, I think abusing an animal that has no way to protect itself is pretty dang hateful.

Why did someone beat a local television anchor, ultimately leading to her death? The beating seems so brutal that it could have only come from someone with great hate toward her. Did they hate her because she was female? Blonde? Pretty?

My guess would be if I were to hang a black statue with large ears and a socialist attitude (in other words an Obama look-a-like) with a noose, THAT would be viewed as a hate crime?

Well perhaps the hanging of Palin is extremely offensive to me because my ancestors were tried, convicted and hung during the Salem Witch Trials?

Point being…the people with hanging Palin do not deserve to be told to take their decoration down. But if the noose were on the other neck….I think we would have a different story on our hands.

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