I Feel Palin's Pain

I have been there before and I am sure many of you reading this probably have been there before too.

Even as a young professional, having been in the professional work force only about eight years now, I have run into the problems it seems Palin is running into now.Palin is a winner. She is not doing what she set out to do while working on her degree of higher education. Like so many of us, what she is doing now seemingly chose her. I can relate, as I was preparing for law school when I fell into a marketing job in college athletics. I was extremely successful because I was a fighter, and though every day seemed like an uphill battle-I would not have had it any other way.

Palin did not set out to be a politician, but politics found her none the less. She has succeeded because of the competitor that she is, however in eight days she might have to head back to the great state of Alaska in defeat.

I know who surrounds her, and it is for these people that a loss may occur. I have worked for these same people before. They are the people who use phrases like, “we do it this way because it’s how we always have”, “no we have tried that before and it does not work”, and “no we better not try that it may not work”. They are nay-sayers, and nay-sayers are the worst. There is no worse feeling than being on the brink of success, knowing it is within reach but being held back by those who “know better”.

Palin was brought on because she is not a Washington insider, because she is (dare I use the word) a maverick. So, why does the McCain campaign continue to lock her in a closet?

She was angry over Michigan. She was angry that more attention was not placed on Ayers, Wright, etc. I feel her frustration. I have fought some of those same battles, but it was not in the name of the survival of our great country. So, while I may feel her frustration, I probably do not feel to the same extent that she does.

So to the McCain campaign…let Sara go. Who cares if she makes a few awkward comments that the left can have fun with. She will not be nearly the moron that Biden has been, and she will get the point across. She is beautiful and sincere, someone all folks around the country can relate to. There is a reason she has been successful, perhaps in the last week of the election it is time to listen to her for a change, and I pray it is not too late.

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