My McCain Speech

My Friends,

We face a most crucial time as we near election day. The next POTUS has an economic crisis, energy issues, environmental issues, and a War On Terror to deal with.
My opponent would have you believe that his relationships, acquantances, etc., don’t matter. He may also have you believe that by talking about his character flaws, I am ignoring the issues.But you, the American people are far smarter than he gives you credit for. We can in fact talk about several different topics at once…as a matter of fact, his character flaws directly relate to the issues that he claims I am ignoring.

You see, Barrack Obama does not have much record to fall on, so there is not much there for me to attack. He has not worked in the IL state Senate nor in DC for all that long. He certainly has not been in the office for too many days. And, even when he did show for work he often times voted present. It is hard to find out where someone stands on the issues, when they do not even know where they stand on the issues.

There are a few things we do know. We know that in the state senate he voted against the Born Alive Infant Act (to protect babies that survived an abortion) 4 times. We also know taht he voted to raise YOUR taxes more often than not. We know that he has in the past aligned himself with corrupt organizations like ACORN who illegally attain votes to continue their agenda.

We also know that he has direct ties to unrepentent terrorist Bill Ayers. Many in the media claim his associations do not matter. But that simply is not true, they DO matter. If you get your political jump start in the home of a terrorist or work on large community organization projects with a terrorist, or BOTH, this DOES matter. His 25 year relationship with a radical racist should and I believe DOES matter to you the American people. We all understand that we cannot elect a man to office who doesn’t see anything wrong with befriending a Bill Ayers with the threat of terrorism we face today.

We also know that Barrack Obama received more than any other Congressman from Fannie and Freddie. While they were handing him money he and others were encouraging them to give high-risk loans, a practice that has helped LEAD US to the economic crisis we face today.

So friends, you see the associations Barrack Obama has do matter. They not only go to show his character and judgement, but they also effect the President he will be. We simply cannot afford to have a man in office who works with terrorists, who will sit down and have unconditional talks with terrorist leaders, who surrounds himself with questionable characters. We can’t look at his record because one hardly exists…but we CAN look at his past and I don’t think America can handle his past in our White House.