Thanks For The Bailout Guys!

I was up on the fence on how I felt about the bailout plan. My thoughts were a)$700 bilions???? b)give the power to “fix” this to the same idiots that got us into this mess and c)there has got to be a better plan.My idea of a better plan would be to get an independent council together of the ten most repsected men and women in the financial industry to guide the government on how much money, how to spend it, and how to hold accountable.

There are probably a million or even 700 billion reasons why the above plan would not work, and I am by no means a financial genious. However, I have been very successful in leading organizations under strict budgets, and I pride myself in having a bit of common sense. I believe the above stated “plan” would be a good starting point.

I also have a personl problem with making less than $50,000/year being VERY successful at what I do (I have made a committment to stay in the non-profit world) while paying someone millions for being a failure.

At this point, that’s neither here nor there though. Something had to be done, and this is what we got.

Now I guess we all get to lay in the bed we have made. Or more sadly WE get to lay in the bed our incompetent government has made.
The Dow has fallen below 9,000.A corrupt organization is applying for some of that bailout money.States are now going to the feds demanding their own bailout.AIG takes our tax money and runs up a $400,000 hotel/spa bill.

The good news just don’t keep coming -ya know? I did not expect our economy to bounce back tomorrow, but I wonder how this will read in the history books one day?