Deciding Who Will Win Is Like "Trying To Nail Jell-O To A Wall"

I am getting really tired of the “we have lost” comments, blogs, diaries, etc. In every job I have had, I have been something of an “agent of change”. The first thing I tell my co-workers, supervisors, and supporters is to drop the defeatist attitude. The words I cannot stand to hear above any others are, “well that is the way we have always done it” and “we have tried it and it does not work”.

So, my thoughts on McCain are this…

It is up to the voters to decide who wins and who does not. If McCain supporters start throwing in the towel now, we will see Barry Hussein Obama take office. But, if we continue to fight for and with McCain/Palin we will win in November.

Yes, if you look at the numbers today and compare them to Bush’s numbers, statistically it looks like we could be defeated. However, let’s look at some other facts.

Did ANYONE think McCain could really win in the primaries? Heck, did McCain think he would win the nomination? At one point, statistically McCain did not have a shot in hell…but here he is.

Two months ago, did anyone think McCain would pick someone so dynamic as Sara Palin? Did anyone think his veep pick would start such a fire?

Four years ago, did everyone not think Bush had lost?

Last night’s debate may not have given us everything we wanted or thought we needed, but for the most part McCain’s answers were “right” and were well articulated.

We still have time to win, but an attitude of defeat will only give us one thing….defeat. So, for all McCain supporters, continue support, talk to others, volunteer to make calls, do whatever you can and do it with the right attitude.