Pelosi Thinks We Are Dumb

I have not yet come to terms with how I feel about the bailout. There is the part of me that understands what probably has to happen, then there is the part of me that knows what I would like to see happen.

But this is not about whether we, the tax paying citizens of America should or should not pay for the mistakes that have been made that have lead us to our current situation.

This is about how OUT OF TOUCH Pelosi and most of our Congressional leaders are with; not just Americans…but America.

It has been stated that many in Congress voted “no” to the bailout yesterday in response to the high number of phone calls from constituents voicing their opinion against such action. (GO FIGURE, a political leader actually doing what his bosses ask him to do?!?) Pelosi’s speech yesterday was disgusting. At a time when America needs all of Congress to come together no matter what side of the aisle they fall, she found a way to further divide our country on partisan lines. She called out Bush and Republicans for a failed bailout bill, but said nothing in reference to her party members who also voted no.

Like so many Democrats, Pelosi does not give the average American enough credit. They think that Americans are dumb and don’t know what is best for them or for their country. Well, I have something to say about that…

Americans are pissed right now. The average American-Joe who makes between $30-$50,000/year, is SUCCESSFUL at his/her job is then asked to give part of his/her hard-earned pay check away in taxes. Nevermind that on Tuesday afternoon in Wal-Mart you are behind the guy buying his food with food stamps and his beer, smokes, etc., with cash then leaving in a car three times better than yours. Yes, we have gotten used to some government programs. But, THIS is a different story.

Today, that same average American-Joe who makes between $30-$50,000/year, who is successful at his/her job is now being asked to cough up their part of $700 BILLION, to bailout the following:-Executives who unlike the average American-Joe, are FAILURES at their job and-Congressional leaders who are so out of touch, cannot comprehend that we cannot comprehend $700 BILLION.

So yes Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, etc., WE get it. We who are successful at our job and have learned to live within our means get it! Today, multi-millionaire executives who have completely failed at their job, want us to bail them out. Congressional leaders who have helped in this failure want us to sign over our checks so they can keep failing.

Perhaps that is why some of your fellow Congressmen voted against this bill. Perhaps a few thousand calls from these average American hard working men and women are just a tad bit smarter than you have given us credit for. And, perhaps those Congressmen decided to actually be successful at their job, which is to listen to the people who sign his/her pay check.