Obama Really Wants To Focus On The Issues

For the past several days, mainly since the infamous “lipstick on a pig” comment and it’s aftermath, Obama claims he only wants to stick to the issues. He goes on to point out that McCain is trying to distract from the real issues with his attacks on Obama comments. Obama wants to stick to the issues important to America, while McCain and Palin want to distract from the issues.

Oh Really?I wonder then, in Obama’s opinion what are the issues that are important to Americans? Could it be their guns, their religion? Could it be the economy for which he wants to raise taxes (but only on the wealthy….there surely would be no trickly down effect on that)? Could it be the war on terror that he so greatly opposed? What could those issues be?

I guess he means “Change” and “Hope”…those are the issues he wants to talk about. No one really knows what “change” and “hope” means. He has not actually DONE anything that represent big change….He attacked McCain on “another 4 years of Bush regarding global politics, education, health care, etc.”. What has Obama done to reform global politics, education, health care? If those are the issues, can we discuss that?

But I digress from my main point.

Obama claims to want to stick to the issues. I guess my problem with that, is I cannot figure out what issues he means. He is making a huge deal of “sticking” to the issues as long as those issues don’t involve:

1) His 25 year relationship to a radical, racist minister.

2) His long time friendship and working relationship with terrorists, like William Aires.

3) His connection to corrupt/criminal Tony Rezko.

4) His wife’s anti-American comments to the world as she is out campaigning for her husband.

5) His voting record.

6) His voting record. (I think it warrants to be listed twice.)

7) His Muslim faith (hey, he said it not me.)

8) His experience that qualifies him to be President. (It is okay to question the Republican VP candidate on whether she is qualified to be President, but you may not question the Democratic Presidential candidate because he has been running an exceptionally strong campaign for several months.)

So, as I listen, read, watch political coverage over the past week, I have heard Obama, Biden, Schumer (this morning) hammer the point that Obama is trying to focus on issues, but McCain/Palin want to distract. Do other Americans recognize that for the past year it has been Obama who has taken all major issues off the table?