Please Stop With The Lipstick

In hearing Obama’s “lipstick remark” a few days ago, I simply rolled my eyes. In my mind, the comment was not a sexist one, but more a quick jab at Sara and her very popular soundbite, “the difference in hockey mom’s and pit bulls”.

Now, he may claim that his comment had nothing to do with Palin and/or her previous lipstick joke, but the audience knew what he was saying and that is clear from their reaction. The left wing bloggers loved it because they could take it as an actual attack on Sara, comparing her to a pig. But, I do not think that Obama was calling her a pig as much as he was poking at her speech. I think it was a cheap shot, I think the left are reveling in it in a different way than Obama meant, and I think it is okay roll eyes and shake heads at his low blow, but then it is time to move on.

I do not think Obama owes an apology. This campaign has and will continue to be full of low blows, cheap shots and quick jabs. McCain would be better off to drop his act of disgust and his attack on this particular Obama comment as being sexist.

There are so many issues to attack Obama on, and yes there are even situations in which Obama, his camp, and his followers can be attacked on the sexist issue. But, McCain is setting a bad precedent and is allowing Obama to attack him. Yesterday, Obama commented that McCain is distracting from the real issues by focusing on this one little comment.

The average American does not care to see politicians get caught up in personal, juvenile attacks. McCain would be better off to drop it, and move on to the real issues. We all know Obama is a sniveling child, let him whine and cry over jabs made by Palin, but McCain need not fall to that level. He must not give Obama or his camp any reason to distract from the issues.

Obama has no real plan on the economy, war on terror, or energy, and McCain’s time, energy and resources would be better spent keeping these issues and Obama’s lack of stands in the spotlight rather than demand apologies for insignificant soundbites.