Nice Gentle Libs, Where Art Thou?

Recently my state suffered a great loss. Bill Gwatney, head of the AR Democratic Party was murdered by a lunatic. It took less than 30 minutes for the Arkansas Times bloggers to begin attacking Republicans. Rush and Sean were even mentioned as hate spreaders that caused this tragedy.
The killer voted Republican more times than he voted Democrat (but he did vote Democrat). He had books by O’Reilly and Coulter. Oh wait, he also went to the AR Baptist Convention right after shooting Mr. Gwatney and threatened people there. So, was this a politically spurred crime? Maybe, maybe not. Either way it does not really matter, he was a lunatic and his voting record really makes no difference.I was amazed, though I don’t know why, to see the hateful, vile comments coming out of liberal Arkansasans. Were the party of peace speaking peace and love….NO. As a matter of fact, many went on to demonize those posting comments of prayer for Gwatney and his family. No, they were not the party of religious tolerance on this particular day. Perhaps had the commenters said they were praying to Allah, they would have been more understanding.Then there are these loons attacking some poor reporter from Fox News. I watched FNC this morning and had as much fun watching them as they were obviously having working. They talked to Ds and Rs, and treated everyone with love and respect. So, why would this reporter be treated this way by the party of love and peace? Democrats remind me of “mean girls”. (Except they are not pretty or popular) One-on-one, a fat, unpopular girl confronts a “mean girl” and the mean girl says, “no I don’t want to fight you”, but back at school with her group, she is leaving nasty notes on the bathroom stalls. One-on-one they are pansies, that make love, not war. But, you get them together and the cat claws come out.

Then, there is my friend. She thinks she is a Liberal. (I say “thinks because I firmly believe if she had any understanding of how the economy worked or how morals influence the state she would likely be Conservative). Oh she thinks being liberal is cool. The gays and the art lovers have better, more posh parties I suppose. At her apartment the other day I asked where to put my plastic bottle to be recycled. “Oh, gosh I don’t recycle”. I was shocked! I thought the libs cared about the environment, global warming, go-green, all that crap. She told me it was too difficult living in an apartment to recycle. But, isn’t recycling and other “green” living suppose to be difficult. I thought the whole point of fighting for a better environment was to go out of your way to do good. I live out in the county so no one comes to pick up my recyclable trash. I have to keep it all week and take it up the road a few miles each Wednesday. But I digress, the point is, this young woman is supporting and will vote Obama. She will try to put this man and his ideals on to the people of America but is not exactly willing to live by those ideals.

The point of this rant, is to remind myself how hypocritical the left is. I am surrounded by libs and sometimes I forget just how ironic it is that the DNC can’t seem to get enough limos.

Maybe the Republicans are the “bad” guys, but at least we stand by it. Some of us make a little money, we usually also share that money. We all though stand by this one ideal; it is up to you the individual to make your own destiny. It is not up to the government to take from those who have worked hard to help some individuals along. If this makes us the bad guy then so be it. But, what is it about the Gores, Obamas, Clinton, Pelosis, that continue to stand up for the “small guy” while driving around in their limos, live in their mammoth sized mansions, and get hundreds of dollars haircuts all while questioning McCain on how many houses he has?

And finally why does this hypocrisy continue to amaze me?

I must get back to Jeopardy now….it is college week, so I might get some answers correct!