Pelosi-I Have A VERY Important Job

Did you catch Pelosi on The View….(the clip is a little long)


(You guys know that I can’t copy a video in, I am not that tech savvy).

A few thoughts on Pelosi’s visit with the “ladies” and Whoopie.

1. Notice in the beginning; Ms. Speaker is telling a story about her daughter calling her a pioneer….the body language of said daughter who is sitting in audience tells me she has no clue what mom is talking about.

  1. She treated Elizabeth like a 6 year old who kept trying to sneak cookies out of the cookie jar. I think the beautiful blonde who represents the only conservative thought on that show has proven to be quite intelligent, and though Ms. Speaker may disagree at least deserves to be treated with a little respect.

  2. About three-quarters of the way through the clip, Ms. Speaker is talking about what she sees as her job in Congress; to bring the parties together. As she talks about this…she states some what paraphrased, “my job, and it is a VERY important job; President, Vice President, Speaker”.

  3. On the disapproval of Congress: Ms. Speaker thinks it must all be related to the war….WRONG. Your disapproval ratings are due to; high price of fuel/energy (which has lead us into a slow economy), inability to work as a team, and inefficacy to handle even one issue all the way around.

P.S. Mr. Speaker (Pelosi’s husband is fairly attractive). I think looking at her daughter it is clear Ms. Speaker has had quite a bit of work done. Hey, I got nothing against it, if you need/want work done, get work done. Just sayin’

P.P.S Few people make me want to resort to utter violence…Joy Behar is one though.