Environmentalists Will Send Me To The Looney Bin

Just saw a report on Fox News, that local environmentalists are protesting a Kansas wind farm. This wind farm is just what you might see on television, large white wind mills spread throughout a large open piece of land.

Why do the environmentalists protest this wind farm? Well it takes away from the natural beauty of the flat, grassy, open space.

So- no oil (which means no driving, no plastics) no coal, no nuclear (because the waste created in 40 years could fit in a high school gym?, and because MAYBE perhaps an accident could occur?…so maybe we should not be allowed to drive? Oh yeah, we won’t once they shut down our oil) now no wind either?

Seriously! Do environmentalists not have jobs? Do they reject the idea of any economy at all? Do they all grow their own vegetables at home and wear hemp? I am going to bet not. So, why do they insist on fighting our economy???? Chances are most “environmentalists” are just like many of us who try to do what we can; recycle, conserve, live some what responsibly. They also have to work, go to the store, purchase items to oh I don’t know, survive. So, what is with these people that reject any sort of energy. Do they not understand, energy is what keeps them alive? It (energy) warms your home, cools your home, lights your home, gets you to work, and delivers groceries to your stores.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have seen cavemen shows on the History Channel and I am aware that they did not have heat/cooling systems in their caves. They also did not go to Wal-Mart to get their meat and women-beating clubs. And yeah they survived for a while. Wait, where are they now? I am sure we would survive fine without energy, but I for one like having comfortable living situations.

I swear, environmentalists are truly about to drive me to insanity!